Akinyi 90 Day Fiance

Akinyi Obala and Benjamin Taylor – A 90 Day Fiance Love Story

After appearing on 90 Day Fiance, the couple appeared on 90 Day Dairies, a spin-off series. Originally aired on TLC’s parent company discovery+ in early 2021, 90 Day Dairies follows Akinyi as she plans a wedding in Arizona. Although the two are now engaged, Akinyi’s father and brother both refuse to approve the relationship.

Akinyi Obala has a successful television character and may have accumulated a lot of money from her role in 90 Day Fiance. Benjamin Taylor is currently her boyfriend. Although they met online, there was not much harmony when they first met in person. This drama is a reminder that marriage should be a priority. These are some tips for couples who are considering committing to a marriage.

Akinyi and Benjamin have a son named Graysen and have been off the show for a while, but fans still want them back! They married in April 2021 in Phoenix, Arizona. Their son is now six months old, but Akinyi has not yet confirmed whether she is pregnant. However, she has posted a new Instagram story that became a viral sensation. It’s unclear whether she is pregnant or not, but fans will surely be happy if she is!

Akinyi Benjamin and Benjamin have had to overcome some obstacles on their way to happiness. Although they live 9,000 miles apart, cultural differences and the high price of the bride are obstacles to a happy ending. Benjamin is a single father who is divorcing and has a wife who is Grayson’s mother. Despite all these obstacles, their love story is moving ahead.

A brief online meeting started Ben and Akinyi’s love story. Benjamin met Akinyi online, even though she is originally from Kenya. The couple married in Kenya in 2018 despite not getting the consent of her family. Benjamin’s family was shocked but eventually approved the marriage and Akinyi was taken to the United States. Their relationship has gained a large following online, even though their wedding isn’t yet public.

Benjamin was concerned about Akinyi and his family. Akinyi’s brother was disappointed, and he was worried how Grayson would react to his fiance. But despite the fears of the family and the society, the couple bonded over their common Christian faith and eventually fell in love. Their rocky relationship continued for a decade, and they now live happily ever after. In the meantime, Benjamin’s family grew closer, and Benjamin and Akinyi have a beautiful baby boy together.

Meanwhile, Akinyi and Benjamin are still awaiting news on the K-1 visa. The couple have been waiting for hours for her father to arrive. After waiting for her father to arrive, she finally left the house frustrated after about an hour. Ben hears from her that Fidel, her brother, is unhappy with her. She also tells Ben that she is angry at Ben for not standing up to her family. She now publicly criticizes Ben for not standing up to her family.

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