Akt Nomad

AKT Nomad Review

The AKT Nomad, a portable fitness device, allows you to exercise from anywhere. Its unique workout features include a dance cardio segment and strength training circuits that target various parts of your body. During the strength training portion of the class, I always love doing the row leg raise. All of these exercises can be done on an eight count count. The best part of the workout are the overhead resistance bands you can use during warm-ups and dance sections.

The AKT Nomad’s studio is located on a swanky corporate building. Although the same street address can lead to different venues, the studio’s decor is more hip than that of Body by Simone. The Hipsters who frequent the AKT NoMad are the ones who appreciate the fact that there’s no pretense involved. The studios are filled with funky decor and sick beats. You don’t have to pay a lot of money to join any of the classes.

The studio is trendy and welcoming, with helpful instructors and excellent showers. The classes are simpler than Tracy Anderson’s and there are no complicated routines. Unlike #TAMILY, the classes here are full-body workouts with a focus on fitness and scientific process. The studio’s curriculum was designed with results in view, with metrics and goals that are updated every three weeks. There are no heat-producing cardio machines in the studio, so you can have a great workout with minimal effort.

AKT classes are designed to work in tandem with each other. AKT classes offer a mix of yoga and Pilates. Each class lasts three weeks, but users are encouraged to mix things up every three weeks to keep their bodies guessing. The best part? The AKT Nomad is an affordable, fun, and effective way of working out anywhere. I highly recommend this fitness DVD. The AKT Nomad is a great online workout. You won’t regret making the purchase.

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