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Alabama Barker’s TikTok Videos Go Viral

After receiving backlash over her TikTok videos, Alabama Barker deleted the videos and took to her personal account to explain. Barker is close with her father and often posts videos together, even though her bio states “BLM.” A video of Barker’s family vacation was posted by the young woman, which has received over 3.8 million views. Barker shows a view of her villa and boat in the video.

The parents of the three children have not publicly addressed the issue, but it is evident that they are comfortable with each other. Both families have made new friends and shared an intimate bond. According to reports, Alabama Barker is a TikTok model and star. She has more than three million followers and has been sharing videos for a while with her father.

Alabama Barker is not only a regular on TikTok, but she also has many other appearances on social networks. In the video above, Barker appears to dance erratically with her father. The video has garnered a lot of backlash, and Kourtney Kardashian accidentally crashed her live TikTok video. Despite the backlash, Barker has been able to keep her account and continues to upload videos on the app.

One TikTok video that went viral was shared by Travis Barker’s daughter, Alabama. The video features the singer’s daughter dancing and wearing a graphic t-shirt. After being shared, the clip was quickly deleted. Although the singer’s daughter, Alabama Barker, asked her Instagram followers to send her father’s prayers, the TikTok video was later removed by the platform.

The most recent TikTok video went viral. It features Alabama Barker and her daughters Penelope, North, and has been shared by millions. The clip is from a live concert in the UK, and has since been shared by millions of fans. TikTok has banned the video after it was discovered that it violated the community’s guidelines.

Another TikTok video has been posted by Alabama Barker. The singer and dancer teamed up with the music group Opps & Blocks to perform ‘Drilla’. Penelope and North took part in the video. Alabama danced to the music. This video was the first of its kind to show the full extent of her dancing. But as the trend of TikTok videos continues to increase, it is difficult to see how they’ll stay on top in the short-term.

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