Alberta Thomas

Alberta Thomas

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He began his legal assistant career in 2015 after graduating from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology’s Legal Assistant program and has since worked at Miller Thomson LLP.

Early Life and Education

Alberta was raised in Columbus, Georgia – an education-oriented community where her family encouraged and pushed her to excel and explore her creativity. After studying art at Howard University and becoming a schoolteacher herself, Alberta started offering enrichment programs to her students.

Through her career, she focused on issues of fairness and justice in various capacities. She strived to ensure all voices were heard within the community while helping resolve numerous disputes.

She was an accomplished scholar who contributed six scholarly books and articles to history, earning recognition from her peers for her efforts. After retirement from her district position, she continued researching tape transcripts and editing tape transcripts which resulted in several books on Saskatchewan history being published; upon death her papers were donated to the University of Saskatchewan.

Professional Career

Thomas currently works as a lawyer with Bryan & Company where he assists clients with commercial litigation matters of all kinds. Thomas has appeared before both Provincial Court and Court of King’s Bench of Alberta; when not at work he enjoys playing hockey, golf and travelling; in law school Thomas also volunteered at Student Legal Services as a legal aid program volunteer.

She is a professional consultant, facilitator and licensed counselor specializing in Strategic Planning, Organizational Effectiveness, Professional Career Development Training and Upper Management/Executive Coaching. Her reputation for excellence in human capital development stands her in good stead; while her musical endeavors have seen several Alberta musicians launch full-time careers as musicians or studio professionals; in addition to aiding in the construction of music related facilities in Alberta.

Achievement and Honors

Alberta Thomas was an esteemed scholar of Canadian history, having published six scholarly books and numerous articles to enhance our understanding of its past. Additionally, she served as editor of Saskatchewan Historical Review from 1949 until 1957.

She has received many honors and awards for her contributions in academia. One such accolade was being honored with the University of Lethbridge Students’ Union Alumni Achievement Award in 2012.

She loves spending time with her family. An avid reader and great rememberer, she frequently recalls birthdays and phone numbers of her grandchildren. An active member of her church and passionate musician herself, she often performs at concerts and music festivals as an active musician herself. Finally, she enjoys traveling and is very generous.

Personal Life

Alberta Thomas, of 26 Wall Street and Mountain Valley Hospice in Louisville, died peacefully with her daughters by her side on November 10, at age 79. Born in Oneida, Kentucky to Robert and Rhoda Callahan Samples.

She worked at several restaurants in the area including Chester Cafe, Seiling Senior Center and Hill’s Cafe; additionally she provided care at Troy Orphanage. Known for her noodles and baked pies, she also loved gardening and collecting chicken memorabilia.

She was also an active member of Elm Grove Community Church. She dedicated much of her time helping others and taking care of her chickens – both passions she took great delight in doing. Her kindness was unsurpassed with a beautiful smile to accompany it all.

Net Worth

Thomas was involved in numerous high-profile cases as an attorney. A strong proponent of limited government and individual rights, Thomas wrote the majority opinion in Adarand Constructors Inc v Pena in 1995 – striking down affirmative action policies on grounds that they must be narrowly tailored and subject to close scrutiny for them to withstand constitutional challenge.

Liquid net worth encompasses assets that are easily convertible into cash, such as money in your bank or savings account and equity in your home as well as investments like stocks, mutual funds and bonds. Furthermore, personal property such as cars and artwork also fall within this definition.

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