Alexandra Cupolo

Alexandra Cupolo Arrested in the Murders of Her Mother and Ffiance

Alexandra Cupolo was accused of murdering her mother and fiance. She claimed that she was forced to kill her mother and fiance by the occult. The police investigation of the shootings is ongoing, and the investigation is not yet over. Alexandra Cupolo is charged with two counts of premeditated first-degree murder. A neighbor heard gunshots and called police. Police have questioned Cupolo’s parents and sister, but have not determined why they were killed.

The investigation is ongoing to determine if the murders were a result of occult rituals. Cupolo confessed to the murder of her mother and her fiance. A confession from Cupolo, along with other information, has been revealed. It is unclear whether the confession was the final word on the matter. Cupolo, who has not been convicted before, is believed to have been a psychopath.

The arrest comes just a day after Alexandra Cupolo’s death. Police went to her house to investigate after she failed to show up for work as an emergency physician. Neighbors said that the two bodies on the floor were the woman’s mother, while Alexandra Cupolo was found unconscious in another room. Alexandra Cupolo has multiple addresses in Florida. She is the daughter two married women from Hawaii.

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