Allison Hocus Pocus Costume

Allison Hocus Pocus Costume

An Allison Hocus Pocus costume is a great Halloween costume for young witches. This costume is made from polyester, and features a lace-style bodice that suggests a bum roll. The skirt features a matching tulle underneath, and the whole ensemble includes a long blonde hairstyle. To complete the look, add an evil sister wig and white makeup.

As Allison, she wears a blue long-sleeved t-shirt, a red shawl, a plaid skirt, and a silver heart necklace. A white sweater with gold embellishments and black lace is also worn by Allison. The beige cardigan and black and white socks she wore match her blue sweater. The look is completed with a pair of brown military boots.

For an even more authentic Hocus Pocus costume, try dressing as the Sanderson sisters! You can also opt for a kid-friendly version of Billy Butcherson. Don’t forget to get a copy Hocus Pocus! There are so many ways to dress up as the Sanderson sisters! From Halloween costumes to teen-friendly versions of the Sanderson sisters, the movie can give you endless inspiration!

While the Sanderson sisters are known for their witchcraft, they were not the only ones who were referred to as witches in the movie. Fans of the film think that Allison was a witch as well. As a witch, she possessed the power of the hallowed ground. She also possessed the power of the hallowed ground and wore a wand.

In addition to her witchy costume, Allison also has a swingy cardigan look that is a comfortable go-to outfit. You can wear it to the grocery store, out on the town, or simply running errands in the fall. The nine-shade swingy cardigan is super soft and comfortable. Free People is a master of the carefree and whimsical vibe that is so appealing.

While the Sanderson sisters are fictional characters, they were based on actual witches in Salem. Witchcraft was tried against girls as young as four-years-old. As a result, 19 people were executed. For the remainder of the movie, Allison wore white clothes. Her sister, Winifred, referred to her as “Clever Little White Witch.”

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