Amanda Serrano Net Worth

Amanda Serrano Net Worth – A Celebrity Boxer

Amanda Serrano is an international icon. Her achievements in boxing have inspired aspiring boxers around the globe and she stands as an example for many young fighters aspiring to enter this sport.

Born October 9, 1988 in Carolina, Puerto Rico. She currently holds the Unified Featherweight Title but has also ventured into Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and wrestling competition.

Early Life and Education

Amanda Serrano hails from Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood. Her Puerto Rican heritage and childhood experiences influenced her as she pursued boxing as a career path, while being raised to appreciate traditional foods and salsa music by her family.

Maldonado offered her an intimate environment in which to focus her training. Following this success, Maldonado suggested she join his small gym where she won the Staten Island Amateur Championship.

She holds seven undisputed world championship titles in different weight classes and credits this achievement to hard work and perseverance. During an interview, she revealed she adopted a monk-like lifestyle in order to focus solely on her career without distractions – even going as far as not purchasing a cell phone for herself! Once her name is established in boxing, there will be time enough for marriage and children to enter her life.

Professional Career

She holds seven world championship titles in boxing: junior-featherweight, super-featherweight, featherweight, bantamweight, light-bantamweight and junior-welterweight divisions. Furthermore, she was twice awarded WBO Female Boxer of the Year honors.

After graduation from Bushwick High School (which closed in 2006), Serrano took up training as a way of saving money and bonding with her sister Cindy who also trains professionally as a fighter. At first her mother was reluctant but once Serrano started earning income she quickly won over her.

Amanda has competed over 40 times, winning 28 bouts via knockout or TKO. She has amassed an estimated net income of $5 Million during her career and also collaborates with Jake Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions as another source of revenue. Nicknamed “The Real Deal”, Amanda is nicknamed by fans as “The Real Deal”. Cindy, Amanda’s sister is also a professional boxer.

Achievement and Honors

Amanda Serrano has earned numerous honors during her professional boxing career. Alongside Cindy, they became the first sisters ever to both hold world titles from major sanctioning bodies simultaneously after Cindy won the WBO featherweight championship in 2016.

She has competed 44 times and won 42 times, with 30 knockout victories. Additionally, she has participated in two MMA bouts and won both.

Sports Zion reports her net worth as being around $5 Million, including endorsements and her partnership with Jake Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions. As one of the greatest female boxers ever seen on boxing cards, her accomplishments have led the way for women’s boxing worldwide and continue to serve as an inspiration to many individuals around her. She continues to make great strides forward throughout her career!

Personal Life

Serrano has earned titles across each weight class from junior bantamweight to welterweight. Her most recent victory came against Heather Hardy on DAZN USA where she secured an unanimous decision victory.

Professional fighting career earned her multimillionaire status. Additionally, she appeared alongside Miesha Tate, Holly Holm and Cristiane Justino in the movie Fight Valley.

Serrano is currently unmarried and does not plan to marry anytime soon. She takes pride and passion in her career and believes a partner could become a distraction, keeping her from reaching the peak of her potential. For this reason, she refrains from purchasing materialistic items like cell phones in order to remain focused.

Net Worth

Amanda Serrano is an esteemed boxer with an estimated net worth between $1-5 Million at age 30. Her estimated fortune comes from both her essential profession as a professional boxer as well as endorsement deals.

Cindy, herself an amateur champion, initially tried to discourage her from fighting professionally; but she persisted and went on to win the Staten Island Amateur Championship in 2008.

Serrano trained under Jordan Maldonado to develop her fighting career. In October 2010, Serrano made her professional debut and made over $350K through 42 wins and 30 knockouts – she also appeared alongside Holly Holm in Fight Valley film! Serrano keeps both her personal life and romantic status private – she lives a monk-like existence to avoid distractions while staying focused on her career, she currently does not have children and remains single.

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