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Teen Mom OG’s Amber Portwood Could Be the Next Controversial Figure on Instagram

Amber Portwood has become quite controversial if you’re an avid Instagram follower. Amber has been accused of sharing too much on her social media accounts. She recently went on a rant, telling her followers she was “done” staying silent about bullies and their actions. Her recent rant is available below. She also mentioned that today was World Mental Health Day.

Amber and Leah celebrate their daughter’s birthday. This is the photo that has been trending on her Instagram. The cake is a green color with pink icing. It is decorated with confetti sprinkles. Amber explained to her daughter why she shared the account. It is unclear whether this is a mistake.

On her April 10 Instagram Live, the actress called out the trolls for mocking her arrest for breaking down a locked door with a machete. She also spoke out about stigmas surrounding mental illness. She is currently on probation after pleading guilty to a domestic violence charge and was given three unsupervised visits each week with her son, James. Amber Portwood has since defended her actions. If she is convicted of assaulting her ex-boyfriend, the incident will affect her future relationship with her children.

On her Instagram account, Amber Portwood recently resurfaced. Her username is @realamberlportwood1__. She has been on Instagram for a few months. As a result, she has received a lot of criticism for her storyline. One troll accused her of deliberately choosing Teen Mom OG’s storyline to get attention. Amber Portwood’s next Instagram posting could spark the next big controversy in Hollywood.

Amber Portwood has not posted to her social media accounts since her July arrest, but she has recently returned to her Instagram account after handing it over to the authorities. She shared a picture of herself and her oldest daughter Leah, in which she is wearing a gray long-sleeved shirt. Portwood is holding Leah close and wearing glasses in the photo. Their children are embracing.

Fans of the show have questioned Amber Portwood’s recent cryptic Instagram post. The reality star is known for her temper, which has cost her the custody of her daughter Leah. She recently apologized to Leah. Teen Mom fans are familiar with Portwood’s struggles with drugs and the law. Despite her reputation for being volatile, she has remained a loyal fan.

The star has also made headlines for calling out Gary Shirley’s wife, Kristina, on her Instagram account. Amber had been a fan favorite since she first dated Gary Shirley. However, Amber has also been known to troll his ex-wife Kristina, who gave birth to their daughter Leah 12 years ago. Amber also has a 3-year-old son named James with her ex-husband Andrew Glennon. Her Instagram account is not well-followed, so it may be difficult to follow her in future.

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