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Andrew Zaro Net Worth – Who is Andrew Zaro?

Andrew Zaro is an esteemed figure in the financial administration industry. Currently he heads up Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School’s Board of Trustees; additionally he sits on USC Thornton School of Music’s Councilor Board as well as being part of Town Tennis New York City.

Early Life and Education

Zaro is an accomplished financier who has tirelessly strived to meet both professional and outreach goals. As such, he has garnered many acclaim across both domestic and international venues, while his charitable donations to various causes has made him widely renowned.

Zaros Family Enterprises has been operating for more than 100 years and are still run by their fourth-generation leadership, operating four locations including two in Westchester County.

Lois Robbins shares her Focal Park home with Andrew Zaro. To ensure every room looks inviting and calming, they have utilized over one hundred works from contemporary artists – such as Mattia Bonetti’s foot stool and Lake Como table in their focal lounge area.

Professional Career

Zaro, as founder and president of Cavalry Portfolio Services, specializes in purchasing and collecting client charged-off receivables. He has been active in the money management industry for more than 25 years.

At Columbia Preparatory School and USC Thornton School of Music. Additionally he serves on their boards. Town Tennis in New York City.

He owns an extravagant waterfront estate in the Hamptons that reportedly costs $40 million, featuring expansive views of Mecox Bay from its location on 2.3 acres and designed by acclaimed architect Val Florio; featuring several rooms including living area, parlor and kitchen space.

Achievement and Honors

Zaro has earned numerous citations for his service to both his profession and outreach, holding degrees from many renowned universities around the globe.

He serves as a financial manager and runs Cavalry Investments Holdings LLC as well as its subsidiary company Mounted Force Speculations Property LLC.

Lois Robbins, an incredible New York entertainer and an integral member of his life partnership, can often be seen performing in films and TV shows; she most recently appeared in Vanessa Redgrave, Jolie Richardson, Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ independent film The Aspern Papers. Lois and Tony together have four children: Joseph is fond of Zaro’s bagels while cycling and snowboarding while Stuart likes hitting up gym classes while Andrew indulges his sweet tooth while restricting calorie consumption.

Personal Life

Zaro is married to actress Lois Robbins, an entertainment industry veteran of over four decades who has appeared on shows such as Montauk, Juvie and One Country Under God – as well as Greta in 2019 film Shepherd: The Narrative of a Jewish Dog.

Anthony Ingrao and Randy Kemper designed their Central Park residence, which they live in together with their daughter. Recently they posted photos from within their residence showcasing walls that connect living and dining areas.

Zaro’s family has deep ties in Westchester County. His grandfather founded Zaro’s Bread Basket, now with locations nationwide and still owned by them today – boasting over one million customers nationwide and known for fresh baked products and other specialty offerings.

Net Worth

Andrew Zaro may possess considerable wealth and assets that exceed any exact estimation of his net worth.

He is the owner of Lancewood Investments, an organization which acquires and collects client charged-off receivables such as credit cards, car loans and portion advances. Zaro also runs Zaro’s Bread Crates chain of cheap food/pastry shops activities around New York Metropolitan area. Furthermore he serves on two boards in NYC – USC Thornton School of Music Councilors and Town Tennis Club respectively.

He is strategically positioning himself to take on debt collection by increasing his company’s portfolio by taking over troubled Conseco assets last fall and tripling monthly collections to around $9 Million. Additionally, he holds investments in several public companies like PRA.

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