Angelina Claudinelle Jean

Angelina Claudinelle Jean

Actress Angelina Claudinelle Jean is a famous name in Hollywood. She is originally from Haiti, and wears Jeans in public. She is attached to her Haitian parents. They immigrated to the United States in her 8th year. She has four brothers and a sister. She has not revealed her age or birthday. Her net worth is unknown. Read on to learn more about her.

Angelina Claudinelle Jean was born March 5, 2005. She is the daughter Wyclef Jean and Marie Claudenette Jean. Neither her parents disclose her exact age at the time of her adoption. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs a substantial amount. She is a curly-haired woman with black eyes. She may be in college but she is active on social media. She posts photos of her and her friends on Instagram, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Angelina Claudinelle Jean was adopted by her parents when she was a baby. Wyclef Jean, a rapper and his wife, Marie Claudinette, were on a trip to Haiti when they decided to adopt an orphaned child. The sweet girl was a perfect match for the two of them and they felt she was too adorable to be left in an orphanage. So they adopted her, and now she attends high school in New Jersey with her parents.

The actress and musician is not related to any biological parents. Marie Claudinette and Rapper Wyclef Jean adopted her. They keep their private lives secret. Angelina Jean was conceived on an unknown date. Her parents are not willing to reveal her birth parents as she is still a young adult. She keeps a low profile, and lives a very low-key lifestyle. While her famous mother is an actress, her father doesn’t reveal much about her family.

Despite the lack of information about Angelina Jean’s dating life, her parents have been married since 1994. Marie Claudinette and Wyclef Jean are happy and have been married for more than three decades. Her father is a hip hop artist, and her mother was a Fusha design. It is not known what Angelina Jean did with her father in the early years. She has not updated her social media profiles.

She is the younger sister of R&B superstar Wyclef Jean. Her Aunt Angelina Claudinelle Jean is a Haitian-American R&B singer. The singer is part of the duo Melky Sdeck, which also includes Farel Sedeck Guerschom Jean. She has appeared in many commercials, including Virgin Mobile and X Factor UK.

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