Angelou Kash Thompson

Angelou Kash Thompson

Angelou Kash Thompson, the daughter of professional basketball player Tristan Thompson, is a professional basketball player. She was born in the year 2021. She has two siblings and a half-sister. Her parents kept her out of the public eye. Angelou’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. Her net worth is attributed to her father’s success. We don’t know much about Angelou’s social media accounts. Angelou doesn’t have an Instagram account and her parents won’t allow her to create parodies.

Maralee Nichols claims that NBA star Tristan Thompson fathered her child. The NBA player has denied the allegations, and Nichols has filed a child support suit against him. She posted a photo of the newborn on her Instagram account, but she later said that the photos were stolen. Her boyfriend, who has not yet publicly acknowledged his involvement in the child’s life, has not confirmed that he is the father.

In the wake of the paternity battle, a fake Maralee Nichols Instagram account emerged. The fake account posted a photo of a newborn child, saying that the baby’s name is Angelou Kash Thompson. According to TMZ the photo was taken from a Los Angeles newborn photographer. The fake account reportedly gave the name Angelou Kash Thompson to avoid the paternity controversy.

Thompson is being sued by Nichols for child support. Nichols claims the baby was conceived during Thompson’s 30th birthday weekend in March. Thompson was dating Khloe Kardashian when the pregnancy occurred. She alleges that Thompson offered her $75,000 to stay quiet about the pregnancy and told her that she would not be around for the baby after the season. However, she has rekindled the relationship and said that she plans to see Thompson on several occasions following the pregnancy.

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