Angie Housman

Angie Housman – A Case of Murder Solved

Angie Housman, a friendly 4th-grader from St. Ann, Missouri, was walking home from school when she went missing. Her friends accompanied her until she passed the fourth house. Half an hour later, she was nowhere to be seen. The Housmans searched her neighborhood, but the girl didn’t return. They assumed she was out chatting with her friends. Angie’s parents were worried and notified police.

In 1993, Angie Housman went missing from her home in St. Ann, Missouri. Police scrambled to find her, but a gruesome discovery transformed the case into a homicide. Her body was found nine days later, tied to a tree in a wildlife preserve. She died slowly from exposure in the cold November woods. Her clothing had been placed on top of her school backpack.

Police received dozens of tips about her disappearance. But despite the evidence, no one has been arrested. In the days before she went missing, Angie was raped, severely beaten and her hair dyed. She was then held for hours before her body was found. Angie’s autopsy revealed that she died of hypothermia hours before her body was discovered. The police received a sketch of a man in a blue car. The sketch was never verified. The suspect was never found. The homicide case remains unsolved.

The FBI published a profile of the suspect. The profile described him as a white male between the ages of twenty and forty. He was a loner, recently lost his job, and had trouble with women. The public was alerted to the case, and thousands of leads were generated. After Angie’s death, police contacted more than 500 men in the area. Angie’s killer, Earl Webster Cox, was found to be seeking attention and had been tortured to death.

The prosecution is confident that he is guilty of murder. The disgraced Air Force veteran admitted his guilt and will spend the rest of his life behind bars. His guilty plea to the crimes against Angie Housman will provide closure to her family. So, what is next? As the case develops, we will keep you posted. This case has had a profound impact on many lives. A full explanation will be revealed in the near future.

Earl Cox was a former Air Force officer, a computer operator in Frankfurt, Germany, and a convicted pedophile. He was dishonorably discharged and sentenced to eight years in prison. After completing his parole, he returned to St. Louis. After committing these crimes, he asked for Angie, whom he knew well, and took her to his home. The two women were living together.

In 1993, Earl Cox pleaded guilty to murdering 9-year-old Angie Housman, along with sexual abuse. The DNA that Cox possessed was found on Angie’s clothing. Cox received life in prison without parole. This brought closure to one of the most notorious criminal cases in St. Louis, Missouri. It has repercussions for many families. If you or a loved one has been arrested, make sure to let the authorities know.

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