Angry Wh Staffer

Angry W.H. Staffer

An angry W.H. A W.H. staffer is an angry Twitter user who mocks Trump’s apparent inaction on Khashoggi’s murder. Although it’s not known how dangerous he is, he has spread some rumors about the matter. Angry Staffer – Are Trump Administration employees really that bad? What are They Really Thinking? What Are They Really Thinking?

Angry Staffer: Although this account is not a White House employee, it uses unrevealed inside sources to spread his opinions. In recent tweets, he’s been sharing the latest information about President Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis. He is calling out employees who have misled the public. He is particularly critical of right-wing media outlets that are either drastically downplaying Trump’s illness or left-wing publications that are proclaiming the President is dead.

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