Are Rick Ross And Pretty Vee Dating

Are Rick Ross and Pretty Vee Dating?

Are rick ross and pretty vee dating

The world of rap has always been a place where men have a huge advantage over women. While Rick Ross fought an uphill battle to become the biggest rapper in the game, it was his determination that kept him going. He believed that he was more than a one hit wonder and that he could build an empire.

Since he made his comeback in 2011, Rick Ross has dated many high profile women including Elise Neal, Lira Galore, and others. Earlier this year, Ross sparked dating rumors when he ran into Pretty Vee on the BET Awards 2022 red carpet.

When they met, the two shared a tender moment on the red carpet. Fans on Twitter started to wonder if they were a thing or not.

While Rick and Pretty Vee appeared to have a great chemistry, they also maintained a playful tone during their time on the red carpet. They seemed to be having a great time together, as evidenced by the snuggles and cheek kisses they shared.

They also seem to have a good chemistry when they are on the stage as well. They had a lot of laughs and flirted with each other during the show.

If you’re a fan of Wild N Out comedian and rapper Vena Excell aka Pretty Vee, then you will be excited to know that she is currently dating Miami rap star Rick Ross. According to MTO News, the pair is very much a couple and have been spending a lot of time at his Atlanta mega-mansion recently.

Vee was seen on the red carpet at the BET Awards 2022 in June and she had a few flirty moments with Ross. She referred to him as her “bae” while she was on the carpet and asked him, “What we is?”

After that, it seemed like they had a great moment on the red carpet and the rumors spread rapidly online. Some people thought they were a thing and others thought it was just a photo session. But the two were spotted in public together again and Twitter users were shocked to learn that they are actually dating.

In a recent appearance on Revolt’s Black Girl Stuff, Vee explained what attracted her to Ross and that she’s “smitten” with his leadership skills. Vee was seen blushing as she talked about her attraction to Ross and her desire to date him.

Rick Ross is known for his sexy photos on Instagram and he is reportedly a fan of the Wild N Out comedian. He signed her to his Maybach Music label and is said to be supporting her career.

He is a big fan of Vee’s rapping style and his support is evident in her recent music videos. He is even credited for helping her with her album production.

Despite being known for his extravagant love life, it is unclear if he is dating Vee permanently or just hanging out for the moment. We will have to wait and see what happens between the pair before making a final decision.

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