Arena 14 Best Decks

Arena 14 Best Decks

Arena 14 offers many deck types. These decks range from 4600 Trophy Range to 5000 Trophy Range and will use all the aviable cards in your deck. You will need to practice a lot in Arena 14. These decks will help you get started.

The giant skeleton deck is an excellent choice for 2v2 battles as it can easily destroy any troops in the opponent’s field. The Electro Giant is also an excellent choice as it can protect your air troops and destroy your opponent’s defensive troops. In addition, wizards and witches will trade well with a giant skeleton deck.

The Mighty Miner deck requires a King Level of at least 14. Its core card is the Mighty Miner. It was given a buff during April’s balance changes. It offers excellent defense and good opportunities to push. SirTag uses this deck. This deck is a great choice for anyone looking to dominate the competition.

There are many strategies you can use to boost your deck’s chances in battle. These strategies will help your deck win more battles and climb higher up the ladder. You can use support cards such as Battle Healer and Electro Dragon to help increase your chances of success. Another strategy to help you win is to activate your king tower early and use a king tower to keep the enemy from destroying it.

There are many strategies to use the different types of units in Arena 14. The Firecracker is an excellent option, as it can destroy enemy towers and skeleton army. Inferno dragon has a high win rate, and can be a good choice for pushing-based decks. You can also try deploying a lava hound behind the crown tower and wait for the elixir to build. A balloon can also be deployed to deal quick damage.

The Pekka deck is another popular deck. It has an excellent defensive unit, the Pekka. This deck can be supported by the magic Archer or the Electro Wizard. Other good choices include Battle Ram and Royal ghost. You can also use the Bandit and Royal Ghost to spam the bridge.

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