Arena 7 Best Deck

Arena 7 Best Decks

There are several different types of decks in Arena 7, but it is a good idea to start with the one that works best for your own specific play style. For instance, the PEKKA deck is one of the best choice for those who enjoy double-lane pressure. The Dark Prince is the main offensive card and can do huge damage to Towers. The Bandit deck is another good deck option. It can provide double lane pressure, and has a high troop-to-air ratio.

Another good deck is the Valkyrie deck, which has an incredible win rate despite being relatively new in the game. This deck includes a variety cards including Fire Spirit and Barbarian Barrel, Flying Machine as well as Royal Recruits, Skeleton Dragons and Inferno Tower. In addition, it uses the x-bow for both offensive and defensive purposes.

This deck uses the same principles as before – using the right troops and having a powerful anchor – but adds a giant and archers for extra damage. Even in lower arenas, this deck is difficult to beat. Begin by destroying your opponent’s hordes, then search for any openings.

If you’re a mega knight player, this deck is a great choice. This deck has a high damage output and enables you to unleash the full power of the mega knight. However, this deck requires a lot of patience in order to work out. Therefore, it can be challenging to learn, but it is also one of the best in Arena 7.

This deck is designed to be used in the last minute of the game. A player should begin building elixir early to avoid the disadvantage of having a low elixir bar. A key move is to place an elixir collector as soon as the elixir bars reach 10. Finally, players should make use of the elixir disadvantage to counter pushes.

Arena 7 is also a great option for the hog rider deck. This deck consists of a skeleton army as well as a giant skeleton to surprise your enemies. The skeleton can block enemy attack, but it also causes damage that saves your elixir.

The newest Arena 7 expansion adds a ton of new cards to the game. It is important to choose a deck that suits your character. It can be difficult for a deck to be successful if you don’t know your opponents’ strengths and weaknesses. However, there are some great decks that you can use for your characters.

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