Asian Nanny

How to Find an Asian Nanny

A great option for your family is an Asian nanny. Not only do they have the qualifications to work as a nanny, but they also double as housekeepers and babysitters. They are up-to-date with market rates and availability pools which will make it easy to transition from a single-income family to a double income one. However, finding the perfect Asian nanny can be difficult, but here are some tips to make the job search easier:

First, consider the experience of the nanny. Most Asian nannies are experienced and have at least two years of childcare experience. They are dependable, multi-taskers and able to take care of a variety of children and household needs. Employers can’t do without them in Singapore, where there are over 140,000 Asian nannies. Employers in Canada and the UK also love to hire an Asian nanny.

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There are many types of Chinese nannies. Some are child-only, or maternity. Maternity nannies, who are Chinese-speaking, provide full-time care for mothers and newborns, including cooking all meals and companionship. Another common type of nanny is a domestic helper. These workers can work for hourly or a weekly basis. They are usually paid hourly. For families with multiple children, an Asian nanny can be an excellent option for both children and parents.

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