Ask S

What Does Ask S Mean?

ASK Group, Inc. provides business software and services. ASK Group, Inc. once dominated the market with 91 offices around the globe. This success was built on the strength of one popular business software program, but through two major acquisitions in the early 1990s, the company expanded exponentially. Kurtzig was eventually appointed the firm’s chairman, cementing his position as a key executive. However, the company’s future was in doubt as it failed to keep up with technological developments.

Bids and asks are used to refer to orders to buy or sell assets in traditional financial markets. A bid is the price an investor wants to pay for an asset. An ask, on the other hand, is the lowest price someone is willing to pay for a security. Spread is the difference between ask and bid. If a security is $5.24/share, the ask price would be $5.24/share.

The word ask is derived from Proto-West Germanic *aiskon, a root word meaning lizard. The word is also cognate to eschen, aschen. Old Englishathexe is synonymous to lizard. Old Germanic *agithahsija is related to the word echse. Ask s is a way to ask questions or to verify that they are being truthful.

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