Askey Dojo

How to Use an Askey Dojo to Protect Your Home Network

Askey dojo is a great tool for managing multiple devices connected to your home network. It can monitor and prevent unauthorized access while helping you protect your home from cybersecurity threats. The Dojo can be connected to your mobile phone and tablet devices, providing instant risk notifications and ensuring that your connected devices are protected from attacks. You can use the Dojo to protect your entire family’s home from attacks if you have multiple devices.

To use the Dojo, you’ll need a Wi-Fi connection, a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, and the admin credentials for your router. Next, download the Dojo App for iOS or Android. Finally, connect it to your router. To download the Dojo App, you can scan the QR code found on the Dojo base unit. The app is compatible with many Wi-Fi routers and mesh Wi-Fi networks.

Another useful tool is the Askey Connect App, which allows you to manage your home WiFi network. You can name your devices, check their speed and set parental controls. You can also see who is connected. It’s easy to install and connect. Askey Computer is an official Askey partner. If you are interested in purchasing one, you will be happy to know that it can be purchased at Amazon!

Another easy way to keep your network safe is to scan suspicious devices. UPnP is a feature that allows other devices to join your network. It is available on most routers. You may find that a hacker has changed the name of a device and is attempting to get into your network. The router’s settings can be used to check the MAC address for any suspicious device.

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