Asparagus Frittata Giada

Asparagus Frittata Giada

Asparagus Frittata Giada – This recipe uses tomatoes, asparagus, and Fontina cheese. It’s a delicious way to use up leftover vegetables or cheese. This recipe is quick, easy, delicious, and perfect for busy mornings. This is a classic Italian breakfast recipe, but you can customize it with the vegetables in your fridge.

Prepare an ovenproof nonstick skillet. It should be at least 9 inches in diameter. Heat the pan on medium heat. Add the peppers, tomato, and asparagus to the pan. Cook the tomato and asparagus for 2 minutes. Then add the egg mixture. Cook the egg mixture until it starts to set. Then, cover and place under the broiler for another 4 minutes. Remove the frittata from the oven, let it rest for 2 minutes before serving, and enjoy!

This asparagus frittata is a great choice for anyone looking for a quick and healthy breakfast, brunch, or dinner. Giada’s recipe takes just 25 minutes to prepare, and it’s filled with flavorful vegetables. It can be served as a brunch dish or as a weeknight meal. For a weeknight dinner, you can switch up the vegetables to make it more exciting. Heat the butter and oil in a skillet. Saute the shallot for 2 minutes. Then add the zucchini, asparagus, and fontina. Stir in the cheese, then the eggs. Cook the eggs until they are set.

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