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Will Austin Brown Wed Olena Noelle?

A recent music video by singer-songwriter Austin Brown titled “Home Free” was filmed in Tifton, Georgia, with the actors mostly being family and friends of the singer-songwriter. It is the first time that Austin has expressed his love for actress Olena Noelle, and the song has sparked rumors about when Austin and Olena will tie the knot. A Periscope livestream caught Austin mentioning Noelle, and a fan saw him forget the lyrics.

In addition to being a member of the popular a cappella group Home Free, Austin Brown is also a solo artist and has plans to wed. Although there is not much information about the wedding ceremony of the singer-songwriter, it is known that he has a substantial net worth and a long musical career. With his current musical career, the singer-songwriter is poised to get married in 2020. With a net worth of over $130 million, it is easy to see why he’s planning a wedding with such a talented woman.

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