Baby Blessing Dress

LDS Baby Blessing Dress

A traditional white baby blessing dress can be purchased for $28 at the LDS Store, also known as a Distribution Center. It is available with long sleeves or short sleeves. Traditional dresses are longer. The fabric type may be cotton or polycotton. Some dresses can also be made from nylon tricot or taffeta. These dresses can be used for blessings or temple sealings. There are many other types of blessing dresses, such as monogrammed bibs and baby baptism gowns.

A white LDS baby blessing dress is also appropriate for the event. These outfits are similar to the ones used for infant baptism and christening in other Christian faiths. Some families also choose to include a baby blessing blanket, which often matches the blessing blanket of an older sibling. Regardless of what style of outfit a baby chooses, the outfit should make them feel special. If you are unable to find a white outfit that suits your needs, you can borrow a blessing blanket from a baby.

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