Bachelor In Oaradise Spoilers

Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 Spoilers

Two weeks away from The Bachelor in Paradise season 8 finale, spoilers have begun to surface for some of the contestants competing for Gabby Windey’s heart. While some are fairly obvious, others may come as a shock to viewers. Regardless of your opinion on the show or not, these spoilers will surely keep you on the edge of your seat.

A Major Spoiler Was Dropped in a Bachelorette Trailer

ABC revealed the first spoiler of the season during an episode preview for The Bachelorette. Johnny DePhillipo, who was eliminated after confessing to Gabby that he wasn’t ready for an engagement, was featured in the ad. Although it might have been entertaining to watch, fans aren’t happy about its inclusion of such significant information about their favorite show.

Reality Steve Has Revealed That Two BiP Season 8 Couples Will Get Engaged After the Finale

Reality Steve, famed spoiler king, has revealed that Brandon and Serene Pitt, from BiP season 8, will become engaged at the show’s conclusion. Fans can expect an exciting announcement during this emotional finale!

At the conclusion of the show, Johnny and Victoria will make an exciting announcement. As their relationship was only just beginning to blossom at that point in time, this announcement means a great deal to them.

One of the other sultry duos that could lead to a proposal during the finale is Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt. According to Reality Steve, they will reunite after filming concludes and leave Bachelor in Paradise as one unit.

Aaron’s Girlfriend Will Be On The Show

A spoiler that aired during the preview for season one of The Bachelorette was that Aaron’s girlfriend would be featured. While it has yet to be confirmed that she actually appeared, she did post a photo of herself with Aaron in her Instagram highlights around when they would have been filming for Bachelor in Paradise 1.

Reality Steve shared this story with his followers, and shortly after received another message from a woman claiming she was also dating Aaron before Bachelor in Paradise began. It appears this may have caused some issues for Aaron, who only appeared on the show for a few days before getting engaged and departing.

Though we still don’t know who the other woman was, she did mention that Aaron and she had been dating for six months prior to his departure from the show. This could explain why Aaron seemed strange towards Genevieve towards the end of their season together, or it could also explain why they broke up so soon after starting their relationship.

The Bachelor in Paradise season 8 reunion was full of drama and romance, but it also offered viewers some surprises. Airing on September 10, the reunion served as a pregame to the finale which featured some breakups and makeups.

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