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Criminal Minds Season 13 – Barnes

Criminal Minds returns to television this week with a new episode featuring Barnes. In the episode, the team secretly works on a case while Barnes is away. Barnes is also the team leader. The episode builds on the awkwardness of the character and focuses on the team’s interactions with Barnes. Barnes’ awkwardness is a recurring theme throughout the series. Barnes is a great addition to the cast and will make an excellent addition to any series.

One episode sees the BAU investigating a murder case and uncovering a serial killer. The video shows brutal murders, so the BAU is on their best behavior in order to prove the killer’s innocence. Professor Barnes is watching them so they need to be focused on the case at hand and their game. The death of Corinne has put the BAU and Barnes at odds. This season, they must prove that they are innocent.

The team was split into two groups: Reid & Prentiss. Reid was the least socially skilled, so she went to meet Prentiss. Prentiss, on the other hand, blamed herself for coloring outside the lines and thought she had to leave BAU as penance. Ultimately, she was wrong. The team regrouped to catch her unsub, who was catching brunettes around D.C.

In the final episode of season thirteen, the BAU solves the case that has thrown them off track. The BAU agents are able to save the senator’s daughter from an overdose, and Barnes reinstates the team. J.J. has to work with an unsub to solve the murder case. It’s a bittersweet episode for the team. If you’ve been following the show, then you’ll know how frustrating it can be to work with a boss like Linda.

The season finale is a great thriller. The final episode introduces a brand new character – Larry. Barnes is ready to accept that Larry was the killer. She tells her roommates to keep Larry’s murder secret as she works with her team. She becomes increasingly convinced that he’s guilty. Afterwards, she tells Lewis to go interview Larry’s roommate, Tara. When she hears that Tara is dating Larry, she assumes she’s seeing the killer.

The show opens with an investigation into a case involving the FBI’s daughter and a senator. The FBI investigates the case and believes that the unsub is connected to it. Barnes fires J.J. after she reveals the findings of her team’s investigation. Later, she learns that the FBI suspects the unsub is connected with one of her older cases. In addition to the unsub’s kidnapping, the team discovers that the FBI wants to investigate Barnes.

Barnes visits Prentiss’ office to review the Mexican case. She mentions several cases including Reid’s Mexican arrest and the death by Peter Lewis of Stephen Walker. Barnes questions Prentiss’ leadership style and his decision not to delete Reid’s confession made to Nadia Ramos. Prentiss is furious and wants a break, but Barnes insists that Prentiss should stay and oversee the investigation.

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