Barnett And Amber Baby

Is Amber and Matt Expecting a Baby?

Barnett isn’t ready to have a baby. Amber wants a child, but Barnett isn’t so sure. After Amber’s pregnancy scare, he sold his house to pay off her student loans, and now he’s not so sure he’s ready for a new baby. But the two have come a long way since then. Amber is now suffering from epilepsy. Jessica approaches Barnett to give her Tiffany’s champagne glasses. But she doesn’t want any conversation.

The lovebirds met on the set of Netflix’s Love Is Blind. They were married during filming, but soon after, their relationship was off to a thriving start. Since their show ended, rumors have circulated that Amber and Matt are expecting a baby. The couple is still together, despite being engaged. They have been seen working out together. Here’s what we know so far about their relationship:

Before Love Is Blind aired, Amber was dealing with work comp legal issues. She was employed after that. Barnett, from the show, revealed to TheThings Amber was working in a restaurant for a few days per week. This is certainly not a walk in a park. Her job requires her to travel to different locations, which isn’t something she was used to. Nevertheless, it’s nice to know that she’s doing something she loves.

The two actors who starred in Love Is Blind season one have recently opened up to ET about their relationships. The couple also discussed the coronavirus pandemic, the importance of keeping their wedding vows and whether they’re ready for children. Amber and Matt Pike are happy and content with their lives together. They’ve recently purchased a home. Amber has not disclosed the exact location but they will be moving into a new home in September 2021. Amber stated that they plan to purchase another property shortly after that.

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