Basement Wife Meaning

The Basement Wife Meaning

Christine Brown uses the term “Basement wife” for many years on television, but most people outside of the show are not familiar with the term. It seems to be used to describe a particular dynamic in a plural marriage. Brown has been open about her feelings regarding the relationship in recent months. She says her husband withheld intimacy for years, and she left because of this. Some viewers also called Christine a “basement spouse”.

Christine Brown was once Kody Brown’s ex-wife and felt like a basement spouse. Christine called herself “Basement wife” during a reunion. She felt that everyone was putting her needs above her own. She was part of the polygamist community and her family’s needs were often prior to hers. Christine and Kody, her son, moved in separate homes despite her displeasure.

Christine Brown is a “basement wife” because she is the provider of the family. Her second wife, Janelle, denies feeling the dynamics of “basement wife” in her family. She claims that Christine never expressed feelings of abandonment or lack of respect until recently. She claims that Christine never publicly expressed such feelings and that the term was a sarcastic way for her to express her own feelings. Although many people are confused by the meaning of “basement wife”, it is a true representation of a real concept.

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