Basic Instinct Descriptive Audio

The Basic Instinct

There are many types and styles of descriptive audio. But the most important is the basic instinct. These recordings are entertaining and can be used to tell the story of a movie. One example of descriptive audio is the narration for a novel. Another type is the use of voiceovers to describe a scene. And yet another is the use of descriptive audio to convey a feeling. In both cases, the basic instinct is best described through a combination of audio and video.

Basic Instinct’s protagonist Nick Curran is a cop on edge. His overzealous approach to work is scrutinized, and he has a drink problem. He is then drawn closer to the suspect in a murder investigation. The film’s bisexual, ultra-clever author, Catherine Tramell, plays the victim. One scene in the film is perhaps the best example of postfeminism in action.

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