Bayley Wollam

Bayley Wollam – Facts About the Twenty-Year-Old Actress

Bayley Wollam is a twenty-year-old actress who was born on December 20, 2007 in LA, California, United States. She was the daughter of Jamie and Teri Wollam. They got engaged in 2007 and had their first child in 2007. The couple split up in 2012, but the reasons are unknown. Bayley Wollam is just one of many actresses who have been featured in tabloids. Here are a few facts about her.

Bayley Wollam’s height is unknown, but it seems to be average. In photographs, she appears tall and slim in her teens. However, this information has not been made public. Bayley Wollam is the child of Teri Polo (Hollywood actor) and Jamie Wollam (hollywood actor). She has been spotted on multiple media platforms alongside her mom. She was born in Los Angeles, December 20, 2007, to parents she met during her marriage. Bayley is currently 14 years old and has light brown hair and brown eyes.

Bayley Wollam was conceived on December 20, 2007. She is the daughter to actor Teri Polo, and musician Jamie Wollam. She has already grown into a beautiful young lady. Her parents were married in 2003. They have a son, Griffin. They are currently working in the entertainment industry. In their free time, they enjoy spending time with their family, including their daughter. If you are curious about Bayley Wollam’s parents, don’t hesitate to follow them on social media and ask them for pictures of them.

Polo has appeared on several television shows. In 2009, she starred in a television pilot called Washington Field. It is a show about the National Capitol Response Squad, a group of elite FBI experts who respond to events of national concern. In 2010, she reprised her role as Pam Focker in the sequel to Meet the Parents, a sitcom based on the Disney cartoon. Her performances were a huge hit and she was loved by her fans.

Bailey, Polo’s second child was born in 2007. Jamie Wollam was her first date. In 2012, Bailey and Jamie Wollam separated. She lives with Teri, her mother, and two half-brothers. Bailey is the youngest among the three kids. She is pampered by both of her brothers. In fact, she is more popular in the television industry than her parents. Her parents are both well-known.

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