Beast Loungefly

Beauty And The Beast Loungefly Review

The Beast Loungefly is a fantastic travel bag that is made of simulated leather. The small back pack features a grumpy look thanks to its sewn-on clothing pieces and facial features. The embroidered fur around the eyes and mouth add texture and depth to the backpack, while the mini backpack itself is mostly made of simulated leather. We tested this backpack for several weeks before buying it, and we were impressed by how durable it was.

The Enchanting Beauty And The Beast collection from Loungefly is inspired by one of the most iconic scenes in the Disney animated film. The iconic ballroom scene from the movie is adorned on the front, while the inside of the bag features Lumiere, Chip, and Mrs. Potts. The design is finished off with an enchanted rose zipper charm. With these colorful prints, you can carry your essentials with style.

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