Beats Solo 3 Vs Solo Pro

Beats Solo 3 Vs Solo Pro Bluetooth Headphones Comparison

The Beats Solo 3 is an older model, while the Solo Pro is newer. Both models use Bluetooth technology, but the Solo Pro offers noise-canceling capabilities. They both feature different pros and cons, and choosing between them can be a tough decision. Thankfully, a head-to-head comparison can help you choose the best headphones for your needs.

Both headphones offer great quality and excellent noise-canceling features, but the Solo Pro has some key advantages over the Solo 3. The Solo 3 offers passive isolation while the Solo Pro’s active noise cancellation eliminates background noise, allowing you to hear what’s going on in your environment without the interruption of background noise.

The Solo 3 features touch-sensitive controls and an impressive forty-hour battery life. The Solo 3 can be connected to a mobile device through a 3.5mm cable, and it takes five minutes to charge fully. The Beats Solo 3 is a good choice for those who want to listen to EDM and rap music. However, the Solo Pro has more neutral sound and is better for people who listen to a variety of genres.

The Solo3 has a less-than-ideal noise-canceling capability. Although they can block out background noise, they leak sound at high volumes. Therefore, they aren’t as effective as other noise-canceling headphones, but they’re still great.

In terms of portability, the Solo3 is more portable than the Solo Pro, taking up less room in a bag. It also looks more discrete when worn than the Solo Pro. However, while the Solo3 is cheaper, the Solo Pro offers superior noise isolation. They also look less bulky while being carried.

While the Solo3 is less sophisticated, it is still very stylish. The titanium headpiece and matte finish give it a luxurious feel. The Solo Pro also shares the same Beats aesthetic ethos. The Solo Pro offers a broader headband. The headphones also have better build quality.

In terms of battery life, the Solo Pro is a better option. It offers twice as much battery life as the Solo3. While the Solo 3 is not as comfortable, the Solo Pro is much more comfortable and feels more high-end. It also has a better sound signature, which is very important for noise cancellation.

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