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Martha Stewart’s New Addition to Her Westport Home

Martha Stewart is one of the world’s most well-known celebrities. She is known for her television shows and books on cooking, entertaining, and decorating. She has also founded a media company, MSLO, that produces several magazines and sells a variety of home products.

She was born on August 3, 1941, in Nutley, New Jersey. She was raised in a working-class family and started her career as a model. She moved to Manhattan in the 1960s and earned a degree from Barnard College. She then married a Wall Street stockbroker, and together they had one daughter, Alexis.

Upon the birth of her daughter, she left Wall Street to raise her family in Westport, Connecticut. During this time, she began to cook and learn about gourmet cuisine. She studied French cooking from Julia Child, Italian cooking from Giuliano Ferrarini, and German cuisine from Otto Schmid.

Her passion for cooking led her to start a catering business, which she still runs from her famous Turkey Hill estate in Westport. She has since become known for her innovative presentations and creative menus.

Over the years, she has added to her home, including a 4,000-square-foot addition. It features an impressive chef-style kitchen, dining room, and porch area, among other spaces.

Many of the rooms are decorated with pieces sourced from her travels, a hobby she loves to share with her viewers. She even has a whole section of her house dedicated to gifts from people who have followed her career.

The colors of the home are a mix of neutral tones and shades. Her paint color selections include a few shades of gray that she named “Bedford Gray.”

This shade is reminiscent of the dappled sunlight the house faces, which she says adds to the farmhouse feel of the property. She has also made sure the house has ample natural light, so that each room feels bright and airy.

In fact, she has a huge window in her living room that overlooks the garden. Throughout the entire property, she has planted a number of fruit trees and flowers that are sure to bring life to the grounds throughout every season.

There are also a number of greenhouses on the property, including a corn crib and floral greenhouse. A hoop house, hay barn, and a peony garden round out the gardens.

The horse stables on the property are a beautiful gray cobblestone structure. They complement the main houses in a classic way. They also have a farm office inside, where Stewart takes time to document some of her favorite photos on her blog.

Her horse stables are nestled at the end of a long stretch of road on the property, called Boxwood Allee. They have space for three horses and two additional Fresianians. The horses, along with a fell pony and five donkeys, call the stables their home.

She has also built a series of buildings on the property to store her various animals, which are all kept in good health by her staff.

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