Bella Hadid Nike Shox

Gigi Hadid and the Nike Shox

Gigi Hadid is one of the hottest fashion models of the moment. She’s been nabbing high-profile campaign deals with Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, and Tom Ford, and is also a Nike ambassador. This year she’s been spotted in a range of fashion-forward sneaker styles. And when she’s not promoting her brand, she’s often seen wearing vintage Gucci, Chanel, and other designer clothes.

Gigi has shown a keen interest in vintage and retro pieces, and she’s certainly taken a modern twist on old-school scarf dresses and the like. For instance, the model is rumored to own a coveted Louis Vuitton Keepall Lv2 Ebene Damier Print 50 Bandouliere duffle bag. As for her shoe game, she’s been spotted wearing numerous colorways of the adidas Samba, which you may have spotted on her Instagram feed recently. In fact, she has shown a strong dedication to Nike trainers as well.

The Nike Shox is a fun and versatile shoe design, and Bella has shown a willingness to try new styles. One of her recent incarnations was a hybrid of a Romanian designer’s Ancuta Sarca and Nike Air Zoom Spiridons. The shoe’s most obvious draw is the monochrome grey colourway, which makes a classic sporting outfit look put together. Other snazzy Nike models include the white Air Force One and the red/white/blue Shox.

Bella also owns a pair of the old-school, and very expensive, ‘C’-shaped Chanel watch, and she’s even spotted carrying a vintage Gucci bag on the red carpet. Similarly, she’s been spotted in a vintage Chanel jacket, and a vintage Gucci dress on the Cannes Film Festival. Despite her penchant for luxury goods, she always wears something branded and comfortable.

Another shoes-related piece of bling are the Loewe sandal heels. These shoes have a black strapped heel with a rose-shaped strappy embellishment. If that’s not enough, they come with a nifty buckle closure, which is a major upgrade over a simple slingback. They’re also a trend-maker.

However, Gigi’s most coveted footwear of the moment has to be the Nike Shox. These sneakers were the sexiest of the era, and while they haven’t been made in a while, they’re still available in the form of a Nike Shox. That’s the most important part, however, as the shoes aren’t cheap. You can purchase the shoe for about US$ 170, which is about the same as R$ 890. But if you’re looking for an affordable version, you’ll have to get creative.

The Nike Shox has a modern design, but they also have a few quirks of their own, including a patented amortiguating mules that add a little oomph to your step. So, it’s no wonder that these sneakers are getting so much press. Luckily for you, they’re also a good way to re-enact a ’70s era sportswear look, which is also a very cool way to style your outfit.

Of course, there’s no shortage of other footwear innovations that have popped up in the last few years. Take a moment to check out the newest trend in sneakers, and you’ll find that there are some that are worth buying, and others that are more of a gimmick.

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