Ben Caplan

Ben Caplan – Folk Singer and Songwriter

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Early Life and Education

Ben Caplan hails from North London and studied speech and drama at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Since graduating he has appeared both onstage and offscreen in major musicals as well as period dramas at both West End theatres and National Theatre – such as PC Noakes from Call the Midwife on BBC/PBS period drama series or Band of Brothers on HBO World War II series as an award winner.

He graduated from both Williams College and Tufts University School of Medicine, earning his Family Medicine certification. Today, he practices primary care at several premier health care facilities in Boston.

He performs with a full band consisting of three members from the Lemon Bucket Orkestra who also play music and act. His raspy vocals blend perfectly with smooth instrumentals and Eastern European-influenced strings to produce a unique sound.

Professional Career

Caplan’s music ranges from poetic ballads to frenetic gypsy anthems. He excels at telling stories through song, and his stage presence and powerful voice make him one of Canada’s renowned folk singers.

Caplan has extensive experience representing public entities in environmental and industrial toxic tort litigation, contract and indemnity disputes, real estate transactions, product liability claims and personal injury suits. Furthermore, he is adept in representing entities involved in corporate, partnership and business disputes.

Caplan left his mark under the Speigeltent with its billowing hand-hewn tents and 19th century Victorian caravan by greeting a sold-out crowd with an upbeat 75-minute set, during which his Tom Waits-esque material, Devil Town, was at its most expressive. Additionally, violinist Jaron Freeman-Fox and band members came together flawlessly.

Achievement and Honors

Ben Caplan has earned numerous accolades during his distinguished career. As a well-recognized doctor in cannabis medicine, he is best known for creating CED Foundation; an authoritative source for medical marijuana literature and research; as well as founding Solo* Sciences – an innovative cannabis technology company.

He served on the Public Employees Retirement Association of Colorado board of directors before founding Syntrinsic Investment Counsel as both a philanthropist and investment advisory service provider.

He graduated Fairport High School and served as valedictorian of his class. Additionally, he is a member of both National Honor Society and Spanish National Honor Society; has maintained an intensive course schedule including 14 Honors courses and 9 Advanced Placement classes; has participated in Dollars for Scholars fundraising activities as well as volunteering at events like Heather Frazer Boyum Iron Angel 5K race as a volunteer;

Personal Life

As an actor with a hefty baritone voice and wild beard, Caplan is at home on stage. His engaging performances and big presence have gained him fans across the nation.

Christian Barry of 2b Theatre Company approached Caplan in 2015 with an idea for Old Stock musical-theatre piece; however, Caplan found himself struggling for ideas.

But that changed when he began writing music for the show, which follows two Jewish Romanian immigrants to Canada. His songs on Birds With Broken Wings — named after an offensive comment by former Prime Minister Stephen Harper — reflect a blend of Eastern European folk traditions that inspired it, including meandering accordion and undulating clarinet on Traveller’s Curse as an infectious sing-along about starting again, as well as the poised foxtrot of Beautiful that bears showtune-like characteristics.

Net Worth

Ben Caplan is a folk singer-songwriter known for his captivating raspy voice. His musical selection ranges from ballads with poetic lyrics to fast gypsy anthems; plus energetic live shows are something else Ben is famous for!

He has not provided many details regarding his personal life or offspring, yet. At present, he is unmarried; neither dating anyone nor having children of his own.

As PC Peter Noakes in Call the Midwife since 2011, he has garnered widespread fame and fan attention, yet has kept information regarding his children under wraps. Furthermore, he remains mostly off social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram while his fans can follow him via his official Facebook and YouTube pages.

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