Ben Pomerance

Ben Pomerance, Attorney at Law

Ben Pomerance has successfully taken multiple cases to trial in both State and Federal Court, as well as successfully obtaining favorable final administrative relief for clients who have filed workers’ compensation claims. Additionally, he published several scholarly articles in Albany Law Review as well as being named an Edgar & Margaret Sandman Fellow at Government Law Center.

Early Life and Education

Benjamin Pomerance was born and educated in New York City, attending Bronxville Public School System before attending SUNY Plattsburgh to major in Journalism and Political Science. Today he writes for Lake Champlain Weekly (a regional publication covering The North Country). Additionally he has interviewed famous sports figures such as Johnny Podres and Ed Asner – something no other journalist or reporter had the privilege of doing.

Pomerance has also written articles ranging from the history of the federal judiciary to freedom of speech in post-revolutionary governments. Many law schools have cited his work. Furthermore, Pomerance has taken part in pro bono projects for veterans; one such effort involved providing pro bono assistance for a Vietnam veteran facing deportation despite serving his nation; Pomerance connected this individual with an immigration attorney in their locality who helped resolve this matter.

Professional Career

Ben Pomerance graduated top of his class from Albany Law School and has gone on to represent clients in hundreds of trials in both State and Federal Court. These cases range from personal injuries, workers compensation claims and cannabis industry cases requiring complex representation.

Pomeranz’s research interests quickly broadened from European history during his early academic career to world history as his research expanded over time. He contributed articles to several boundary-crossing journals and helped develop world history into its present-day form, helping foster its initial development through publications such as Steven Topik’s compilation book: The World That Trade Created which is used extensively in Advanced Placement (AP) and college world history courses.

Pomeranz brings his same pedagogy to his editorial work for academic presses and journal editorial boards, where he is known for providing detailed reviews of other scholars’ works. In addition to that he has become known as an engaging public speaker as well as advocate for veterans rights.

Achievement and Honors

This award, named for a nineteenth-century poet who used his royalties from his popular verse to purchase time away from Chatham County farm life, recognizes senior who have shown outstanding leadership and initiative within multicultural education programs. It is presented annually by Sonja Haynes Stone Center for Black Culture and History.

Pomerance has long been an arts journalist. Over 500 articles of his writing have appeared in Lake Champlain Weekly alone and his scholarship has been included in journals from Albany, Boston College, Delaware, Marquette, Oregon, Ohio Northern, Florida Coastal, Gonzaga and Hamline law schools – and an internationally published elder law anthology!

Personal Life

Pomerance currently serves as the Deputy Commissioner for Program Development and Training at the New York State Department of Veterans’ Services, overseeing its Appellate Unit, acting as Legislative Liaison for the department, leading several programming initiatives within his division and providing advocacy for veterans, service members and their families on various matters.

He graduated as salutatorian of his class from Albany Law School in 2013. While at Albany Law School he founded and directed their Veterans Pro Bono Project which earned them the President’s Pro Bono Service Award from New York State Bar Association. Additionally he served as Executive Editor of Symposium for Albany Law Review as well as Edgar and Margaret Sandman Fellow at Government Law Center.

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