Ben Trane

Ben Trane, the Founder of the controversial Midwest Academy, turns himself in to begin serving his nine-year prison sentence

Ben Trane, founder of Midwest Academy and now serving his prison sentence for sexual abuse has surrendered himself to start serving it. Trane has been charged with assault with intent to commit sexual abuse against children under 16, sexual exploitation of a counselor or therapist by exploiting said child and endangerment of said child.

Trane has asserted on appeal that the district court made an error by failing to grant her request for an in camera rule 5.412 hearing.

Early Life and Education

Ben Trane, 41-year-old founder of a boarding school for troubled teens in Iowa City. Trane was found guilty last year on charges related to sexual abuse and child endangerment after one of his students claimed he sexually assaulted them; she also filed false reports regarding other authority figures such as her adoptive parents. The Iowa Supreme Court upheld his conviction.

At the sentencing hearing, the court received two victim impact statements as well as over 80 letters supporting Trane.

Trane alleges that his trial counsel was ineffective by failing to move for a severance of counts I and II from count III, failing to object when Dr. Salter testified on K.S’s credibility, and failing to contest a marshaling instruction regarding child endangerment that included A.H. and B.V as defendants together.

Professional Career

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Special Agent Joe Lestina alleges in his criminal complaint against Trane that he misused his position as school director to pursue sexual relationships with certain students while also imposing policies which put others at risk of physical or emotional harm. Midwest Academy in Keokuk closed after a raid conducted to investigate allegations of abuse.

The Iowa Supreme Court is considering whether to overturn Trane’s conviction on charges of sexual abuse, sexual exploitation of a minor by an advisor and child endangerment; he currently serves a nine-year prison sentence.

Achievement and Honors

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Benjamin Trane owned Midwest Academy, a private boarding school for teens located in Keokuk, Iowa. This establishment was shut down after federal investigators raided it to investigate allegations of abuse at that facility in January 2016 following allegations. A jury found Trane guilty last month on counts including sexual abuse, sexual exploitation by counselor and child endangerment; on Friday he was sentencing him as well as ordered to make payments back to victims; making this Iowa’s first-ever such trial.

Personal Life

Ben Trane of Keokuk, Iowa was sentenced to nine years for crimes he committed while running Midwest Academy boarding school for troubled youth in Lee County. Trane was charged with sexual abuse, exploitation and child endangerment for abusing one female student at Midwest Academy and forcing two male students into isolation rooms for extended periods of time.

Trane was found guilty by a jury of two counts of sexual exploitation and assault; additionally, he was found liable of child endangerment by failing to prevent A.H. and B.V.’s sexual exploitation and confinement, reports the Burlington Hawk Eye. Trane’s lawyer claimed his client did not receive a fair trial, as evidence that would cast doubt upon her credibility as an accuser was not allowed by the judge.

Net Worth

Benjamin Trane moved his wife from Utah to Iowa in 2002 with the goal of opening Midwest Academy, an all-inclusive boarding school with character development, therapeutic, and educational programming designed specifically for troubled teens.

Trane was ultimately charged with sexually abusing female students as well as forcing two male students into prolonged isolation rooms, among other violations. Following an investigation from local, state, and federal law enforcement in January 2016 the school was shut down following raids conducted by law enforcement from all levels. He was eventually found guilty and his conviction confirmed.

At his sentencing hearing, Trane tearfully refuted all charges brought against him and denied any wrongdoing. District Court Judge Mark Kruse sentenced Trane to nine years of incarceration for assault with intent to commit sexual abuse, sexual exploitation by counselor or therapist and child endangerment.

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