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Ben Cremer – Amity Campus Pastor at Cathedral of the Rockies

Ben Cremer serves as Amity Campus pastor of Cathedral of the Rockies and writer. His credentials include both a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries and Spiritual Formation from Northwest Nazarene University as well as a Master of Arts in Church History and Christian Thought from Northwest Nazarene.

Cremer asserts he maintains an active telepathic connection to Maitreya, who he sees as the Christ figure. He has published multiple books regarding this subject matter.

Early Life and Education

Benjamin Cremer is a minister, writer, and blogger serving as College Ministries Pastor at Kansas City First Church of the Nazarene. His blog can be found at Constant Investigations; and he holds both an MA in Christian Ministries and Spiritual Formation from Northwest Nazarene University as well as a BA in Religious Studies.

He began his artistic career as a professional painter but quickly developed an interest in theosophical literature. In the 1950s, he joined Aetherius Society – an occult-oriented flying saucer contact group – where he learned transmission meditation.

In 1959 he claims that he established a conscious telepathic link with his master from the Great White Brotherhood, who informed him of Maitreya the Christ’s return at the end of this century. Since then he has written several books detailing this arrival of Christ on Earth.

Professional Career

He is an outstanding writer who specializes in religious topics. Additionally, he serves as lead pastor at COTR (Come Out To Right, LGBTQIA+ Wesleyan United Methodist Church in Idaho), often posting insightful pieces to social media accounts.

His role has been to oversee assessments at ACC, TCC and MCC and ensure offenders assessed are scheduled for treatment and transferred accordingly. Since 1997 he has been with our department and his dedication will be missed by all who knew her.

Achievement and Honors

Pastor Ben Cremer earned both a bachelors and masters in Spiritual Formation from Naropa National University (NNU), and currently serves as Cathedral of the Rockies – Amity Campus pastor. Additionally, he travels extensively mentoring pastors who cannot afford theological education programs or reside in countries without such programs; believing that divisions within Christianity stem from people abusing power and money abusers who abuse power to exploit Christians further, he encourages believers to put trust back in authority figures again.

Personal Life

Ben Cremer holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Christian Ministry from Northwest Nazarene University. A perpetual student, he serves as Amity Campus Pastor of Cathedral of the Rockies in Amity Idaho as well as being an avid traveller, family man and reader. Based out of Chicago IL with investments nationwide; Foster (son), Ripley the Boxer as well as six cranky chickens call Ben home; his blog can be found at Constant Investigations while on What Matters Most with Kim Lilly they discuss Roe vs Wade as well as being authentic Christians living out our beliefs among their fellow Christians in challenging times.

Net Worth

Ben spent 21 years as an industrial real estate broker representing owners and tenants of all sizes of industrial properties, representing owners as tenants, buyers and sellers of equipment sales/rental companies, truck maintenance buildings, bus terminals (including school bus), contractor shops with heavy parking and outdoor storage as well as similar properties. Ben now invests full time nationwide by purchasing properties himself without client conflicts as no longer represented clients in his brokerage practice. Ben lives in Downers Grove IL with his wife and 4 children.

SAO PAULO (Reuters) – Brazilian investment company Tarpon Investimentos SA has retained Morgan Stanley to explore a sale of Cremer SA, Brazil’s top supplier of dental and hospital products, according to three sources.

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