Benjamin Dipple

Benjamin Dipple Resigns From the San Dimas Valley Board of Supervisors

Many in the San Gabriel Valley were stunned at Dipple’s abrupt resignation. Many considered his work beneficial to both San Dimas and its surrounding region, yet many were shocked to learn of his departure due to an allegation of forgery involving Meals on Wheels bank withdrawal slips. One local newspaper columnist joked that residents would believe him only if Hollywood depicted San Dimas as full of incompetents.

Early Life and Education

Dippel was an intelligent child from early on. After enrolling in philosophy and theology studies, he soon started publishing doctrinal works under his pen name “Christianus Democritus.” He was also engaged in religious disputes with other leaders and dabbling with alchemy and dissection – activities which earned him an unfavorable reputation and some notoriety throughout Europe. Legends concerning Dippel suggest he was associated with Satan and created an elixir to cure demons. Mary Shelley may have taken inspiration from Dippel when creating Victor Frankenstein; but these speculations lack substantive proof and validity.

Professional Career

At just 7 years old, he began racing dirt late models on the Northeast Dirt Late Model Circuit and quickly progressed through both PASS National and Southern Series competition. Since then he has garnered several top-5 finishes while becoming renowned for his aggressive driving style.

He was a familiar face at both farmers markets and city council meetings across San Gabriel Valley. Many politicians found his resignation surprising.

Dipple is a Fulbright Fellow who plans to study Middle Eastern and Turkish history in graduate school. He credits Gustavus Center for International and Cultural Education with helping him prepare his fellowship application.

Achievement and Honors

Dipple will return to Turkey this fall as a Fulbright scholar to study Middle Eastern and Turkish history for one year. He credits CICE at Gustavus with helping him prepare his application, specifically working with fellowships coordinator Amanda Nienow as well as professors Maddalena Marinari and Baker Lawley on organizing his materials for submission.

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