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Tom Eidelman and Ben Weiss

Tom Eidelman and Ben Weiss are two successful investors with proven results who grew up on Daytona Street in Clayton, Missouri.

An unverifiable conspiracy theory involving someone named “Dr. Benjamin Eidelman,” Buffalo Bills defensive back Damar Hamlin and COVID-19 booster shots has surfaced recently.

Early Life and Education

Gdalyahu Eidelman was born in Horodok, Poland to Israeli and Shula Eidelman. His siblings included Rachel Eidelman (r) as well as Chaia and Hesel Eidelman who all moved with their families before World War II commenced; Feiva Eidelman from Horodok settled in Tennessee.

Benjamin Eidelman obtained both his medical degree from the University of Witwatersrand School of Medicine and Ph.D from Oxford University. Additionally, he holds board certification in neurology and vascular neurology.

Professional Career

Vera Eidelman works on litigation and advocacy to protect free speech online; protest rights; and public access to secret algorithms used in criminal trials. She attended Stanford University before enrolling at Yale Law School’s Technology Law and Policy Clinic as well as externing for Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Dr. Benjamin Eidelman has held various roles throughout his career. Currently employed at Mayo Clinic Hospital and certified in Neurology and Vascular Neurology. With outstanding reviews on Healthgrades – being listed as a Top Doctor there as well – and most commonly requested to treat Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) and All Headaches including Migraine cases among others, his practice remains extremely popular among his patients.

Achievement and Honors

Tom Eidelman and Ben Eidelman co-founded Daytona Street in 2004. Together, their firm has enjoyed exponential firm, client, and asset growth since that time. Ben graduated with honors from Vanderbilt University’s Magna Cum Laude Program and received the F. Hodge O’Neal Award from Washington University School of Law. In addition to their investments in Israel, 8th & Jackson Partners L.P. manage a concentrated equity hedge fund named 8th & Jackson Partners L.P. In addition, their founder Benjamin Rosenblatt managed 8th & Jackson Partners L.P. for more than two years after that award was bestowed upon him. He specializes in selecting companies with advantageous business models and exceptional corporate cultures, with industry expertise in financial, technology and consumer companies. Additionally, he established Thank Israeli Soldiers: an organization to celebrate and honor Israeli soldiers. The group was honored with the 2022 Sylvan Adams Nefesh B’Nefesh Bonei Zion Prize in science and medicine. With six categories to recognize Olim making major contributions across Israeli society, Prof. Morris Hartstein won in the global impact category.

Personal Life

As a comedian, Edelman has appeared on television shows such as The John Bishop Show and Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled. Additionally, he performed at Edinburgh Festival Fringe where his show Millennial won an award and contributed anecdotes about his experiences as a stand-up comic to Off the Mic (published 2015).

Benjamin Eidelman is a board certified neurologer at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville Florida who specializes in stroke and solid organ transplantation treatment. On Healthgrades he holds an outstanding five out of five rating from patients.

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