Benjamin Goldgar

Bankruptcy Attorney – Benjamin Goldgar

Caesars Entertainment Corp’s operating unit may soon join its parent company in bankruptcy proceedings following a court’s ruling that creditors won’t be protected from filing lawsuits against it.

U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Benjamin Goldgar has come under heavy fire for his decision to lift a stay that protects Caesars Entertainment Operating Company.

Early Life and Education

As a former law clerk of two federal bankruptcy judges – Judge Joel B. Rosenthal and Melvin S. Hoffman – as well as working at an international law firm, he is now an active member of both Illinois Bar Association and Chicago Bar Association.

Goldgar was an admired teacher at Lawrence for several generations, recognized by students for his serious approach to scholarship and liberal arts education as well as his unyielding opposition to anything that threatened academic standards or integrity at Lawrence. Additionally, he was noted for his wry humor and good-natured curmudgeonishness – often making headlines in The Lawrentian or appearing at lunch-hour regularity at Union Grill.

Gifts made to this endowed fund in honor of Professor Goldgar can be made by contacting Lawrence University Office of Development or online.

Professional Career

He is an adept problem-solver, devising creative solutions to avoid expensive and time-consuming litigation. He has successfully represented clients before the Seventh Circuit and Illinois Supreme Courts; in one authored by Judge Posner himself, the Court recognized their excellent briefs and arguments. Furthermore, he remains active pro bono counsel – serving on Chicago’s Bankruptcy Help Desk Foundation NFP Board where his work earned him recognition with their Excellence in Pro Bono and Public Interest Service award in 2019.

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