Benjamin Greer

Benjamin Greer – An Architectural Educator and Industry Leader

Greer is a specialist in advanced dentistry procedures such as dental implants, sedation dentistry, root canals, bone grafting and wisdom teeth removal. Additionally, he takes regular continuing education courses to stay abreast of new advances.

CPT Benjamin Greer was an outstanding revolutionary war soldier from Franklin County. Born in Albemarle County and raised there until attaining adulthood, he later settled in what is now Southwest Wilkes County until 1777.

Early Life and Education

Benjamin Greer came from humble origins in New York City but went on to earn scholarships to both Harvard and Stanford Business Schools. Later he worked as a stockbroker on Wall Street until being fired for not producing enough profits and getting into an altercation with an angry client.

Greer discovered her passion for dentistry after experiencing dental trauma from a boating accident, seeking care from Drs. Parker and Pennington who inspired her with their level of expertise and care. Greer decided to pursue it herself.

At Greer’s trial, his attorneys tried to have the financial records of his firm thrown out, but Assistant District Attorney Jack McCoy persuades a judge otherwise. Greer then pursues a “black rage” defense claiming he snapped after suffering years of racist abuse before killing Holbrook; eventually the court convicts Greer of murder.

Professional Career

Greer is widely recognized as an architectural educator and industry leader, having received many teaching awards throughout his five-decade-long tenure at Texas A&M University as an administrative leader.

Ben has extensive litigation experience across all areas of employment law and is often called upon to appear before state and federal courts, such as EEOC/DOL proceedings. Ben approaches every case by anticipating potential issues while simultaneously seeking creative ways to reach resolution for his clients.

Greer first gained widespread acclaim for her film work with writer-director David O. Russell’s 1999 drama Three Kings; later she went on to star alongside Jennifer Garner in Gary Winick’s romantic comedy 13 Going On 30 (2004).

Achievement and Honors

Greer was an architect in private practice for more than three decades (1966 – 1971 as principal of Maynard and Greer in Nacogdoches. Additionally, he served his profession both publicly as president of the Texas Society of Architects and as member of its national board.

Vance has appeared as a guest actor in such television series as Law & Order: Criminal Intent, The Preacher’s Wife and The Preacher, as well as films such as The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and Wes Anderson’s stop motion animation Isle of Dogs. For his outstanding acting work he has received multiple Emmy nominations.

Greer helped the Raivers become the first team in NCCAC history to capture back-to-back championships. Additionally, he mentored 35 Academic All-Region honorees – Zoe Hicks, Lily Gregory and Brieanna Brock (Offensive Player of the Year), as well as 10 NFCA Academic All-Americans including Brook Melnychuk, Jade Lee and Ellie Ponce – under his tutelage.

Personal Life

Greer began his coaching career at McCook Community College where he led them to consecutive NCCAC titles, earning himself conference coach of the year honors both times.

At some point in Franklin County (Virginia), Daniel Boone married Nancy Wilcoxson – daughter of John Wilcoxon and Sarah Boone (elder sister of frontiersman Daniel Boone). Soon after becoming legally mature, Nancy moved with Daniel back to North Carolina; eventually settling there until 1777 in southwest Wilkes County in present-day Wilkes County.

His Revolutionary War service included membership in the militia unit serving in Wilkes County area for several years. Although none of his regiment rosters nor pay vouchers survive today, evidence of payment can be found within Morgan District records which encompass Wilkes County.

Net Worth

Greer is estimated to have amassed a net worth of over $2 Million dollars. Most of his wealth derives from selling various properties he purchased over time, with most coming from property sales alone. Greer also holds stake in the film industry having appeared in such popular movies as Adaptation (2002); The Village (2004); Jeff, Who Lives at Home (2011) and Carrie (2013) among many more.

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