Benjamin Hartman

Benjamin Hartman

As artistic director of Maulbronn Monastery – a UNESCO World Heritage site – since 2016, his concert programs are known for their wide-ranging musical styles and playful experiments.

Hartman’s LOOP Patents demonstrate that large HVAC chiller systems can be optimized for efficiency even when operating below their peak energy-efficiency ratings.

Early Life and Education

He is highly-skilled in estate planning, trust administration and fiduciary litigation matters, serving clients such as Glynn County industries, hospital authorities, timber interests and bank trust departments as well as providing counsel services to numerous nonprofit organizations.

Hartmann studied conducting, singing and musical pedagogy at Leipzig, Stockholm and Cambridge universities. Since then he has conducted orchestras as well as choirs – such as RIAS Chamber Choir and Stuttgart State Orchestra – under his baton.

He is a member of both the Georgia Bar Association and Lawyers Foundation of Georgia; in addition, he represents various Glynn County industries, hospital authorities, physician practice groups, nonprofit organizations as well as being past president of Brunswick-Glynn County Bar Association.

Professional Career

Hartman is licensed in Georgia and provides a broad array of legal services that encompass estate planning, trusts and conservatorships as well as corporate taxation. Additionally, he advises mergers and acquisitions deals as well as performing financial due diligence services – representing numerous Brunswick-Glynn County businesses, hospital authorities and timber interests.

Voogd and Hartman arrived at Cascade College tryouts with one objective in mind – getting invited to Stampede camp would be the cherry on top! However, should their skills not be good enough to secure them a roster spot on Stampede’s roster roster, coaching might still be their path towards hoops dreams – that remains their plan today; especially Hartman has never wavered from that conviction; he knows exactly how to motivate players!

Personal Life

Benjamin enjoyed nothing more than sharing an honest belly laugh with family and friends alike. An exceptional cook, coach, tutor, party planner, Master of Games, bedtime snuggler as well as skater, snowboarder and punk music fanatic, Benjamin was truly an adventurer who would do anything for a laugh or the chance at adventure.

Hartman created his internationally-recognized Hartman Rock Garden between 1932 and 1944 using concrete, metal, glass, wood and various found materials such as pebbles. His structures expressed his ideals and world views. Following Hartman’s death due to silicosis (a lung condition caused by inhaling silica dust at his job at Springfield Machine Tool Co foundry), however, the garden fell into disrepair before being purchased and restored by Kohler Foundation and now owned and maintained by Friends of Hartman Rock Garden.

Net Worth

Benjamin Hartman is the son of Nena and Bob Hartman and enjoys fishing as an extracurricular activity in his free time. At Penn State he plans to major in finance; after retiring as a football player he aspires to become a financial advisor.

Hartman started his rock garden by building a pond in his backyard that he lined with pink stone and filled with lilypads, before continuing to add structures out of concrete, wood, stone and metal to reflect his interests and worldviews, including an expansive “Tree of Life” and figures depicting Madonna.

Steven J Hartman owns over $1 Million worth of James River Group Holdings Ltd (JRVR). For more details on his insider trades and ownerships please use our Insider Trading and Ownership Tracker.

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