Benjamin Islands

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North and South Benjamin Islands and their adjacent rocky outcrops – The Sow & Pigs and The Boars – offer an ideally situated refuge for Lake Huron sailors exploring Lake Huron’s North Channel.

Early Life and Education

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Sally wrote to Benjamin from across the Atlantic with both practical and affectionate letters; business related information would be passed along and affectionate letters addressed by their pet names would also address some of the difficulties experienced while apart. But his absence began taking its toll on Deborah, and she ultimately died before his return home.

After his defeat at Gettysburg and Richmond’s surrender, Benjamin gave up any hope of secession and settled in England to practice law and write songs in the mainstream Tin Pan Alley style that appealed to both amateur and professional musicians alike.

Professional Career

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Benjamin began performing regularly with dance orchestras in the early 1930s, including Napoleon’s band at the Savoy Ballroom and touring with Olson and Johnson’s vaudeville act Olson and Johnson. Benjamin wrote songs in the mainstream Tin Pan Alley style featuring lyrics that depict love with an undercurrent of innocence sensuality – his songs could easily be performed by amateur singers but held enough subtlety that professional interpreters were inspired to interpret them with skill.

Personal Life

The Benjamin Islands offer a sheltered boating harbour and informal campsite on Croker Island, while nearby Fox Island features glacier-carved back channels ideal for exploration by PWC. This area is also famous for its breathtaking granite and quartz shorelines backed by mature mixed forests.

At Lockhart Elementary school, she volunteers in Ms. Casey, Ms Vanterpool and Miss Squiabro’s classes helping reading and writing activities as well as field trips and student council.

Benjamin began writing and performing Tin Pan Alley tunes around 1930; eventually he and Sol Marcus brought “I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire” to #1 on Billboard charts (1941). Benjamin believed songwriting to be an artform just like law or medicine – an approach he employed when creating new works of his own.

Net Worth

The Benjamin Islands are an idyllic destination in Manitoulin’s North Channel, drawing visitors with its pink granite contrasted against Lake Huron’s blue water and inspiring sailors. While almost no soil covers this rugged terrain, nature has found ways to grow pine trees, tamaracks, and lichen-covered boulders here despite no room for expansion.

Ben works with high-net-worth individuals and families to handle their complex financial affairs, such as domestic and foreign investments, real estate purchases and sales, private foundations and family offices. He provides advice regarding tax matters for wealthy families and related entities. Ben is currently dating Chelsea Robato who frequently posts photos online showing them together which have become extremely popular with followers – they have been dating since February 16th 2020 (previously with Julie Anne San Jose).

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