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Ben Schor and His Neuroblastoma Research

Schor has earned numerous honors and awards for her research into neuroblastoma, in addition to an impressive service record in academic institutions.

She was a pioneer of feminist theory within her generation and one of the leading interpreters of French philosophers and theorists such as Luce Irigaray and Jacques Lacan.

Early Life and Education

Young Sophia developed a keen appreciation for art and science from childhood experiences such as skipping school to get rush tickets to Boston Symphony concerts. Later she attended Yale University to obtain a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry before moving onto pursue a PhD degree in chemistry.

Later she was appointed Carol Ann Craumer Professor of Pediatric Research and Chief of Child Neurology at the University of Pittsburgh, participating in developing Golisano Children’s Hospital as well as developing a physician-scientist training program.

She published numerous books, such as her classic 1987 study of feminist theory titled Differences. Additionally, she contributed to various scholarly journals and served on boards of organizations including Hadassah-Brandeis Institute, Macaulay Honors College Foundation and Slim Peace Board.

Professional Career

Schor is an expert at what she does, devoted to seeking scientific truths and renowned for her research into neuroblastoma cancer affecting children.

As well as her medical career, Dr. Dey is also an accomplished poet and pianist. She loves teaching, and has written many articles and papers on her work – even contributing a poem for publication in Neurology journal!

She shares her love of art with the Upper Valley community through generous contributions to local arts organizations and supporting students studying fine art studies. Additionally, she has donated money to several museums – earning her the nickname of “Mrs. Museum”.

Achievement and Honors

An annual award given out to alumni/alumnae who have made outstanding contributions to JMU in their fields, past winners having included Bryan Schor, Andrew Ankrah Jordan Brown and Kyre Hawkins – members of this year’s NCAA FCS National Champion James Madison team!

She was a pioneer of feminist theory for her generation and one of the leading scholars of French literature and critical theory. In her writings she combined psychoanalytic theory, avant-garde philosophy, feminism and psychoanalysis; additionally she founded Differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies.

She wrote five books and numerous academic articles, with interests that ranged from Luce Irigaray to Salvador Dali – often staying one step ahead of emerging trends in academia. Additionally, she lectured at numerous prestigious universities around the U.S.

Personal Life

Local rock band Northy prepares for rehearsal in a garage filled with red Solo cups and paint cans, following drummer Ben Schor’s four-count. As musicians move together into position on stage and hit their instruments.

She established herself within the male-dominated literary theory field by co-founding differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies and as an early proponent of French psychoanalytic and deconstructive theories. Her writings addressed canonical authors such as Emile Zola, Gustav Flaubert and Marcel Proust while also providing analyses of works by feminist theorists such as Luce Irigaray, Julia Kristeva and Helene Cixous.

Witty and courageous in equal measures, her essays explore a rich liminal space between past and future modernity. With an urgent message for current political and cultural concerns, her writing stands as a beacon.

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