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Ben Sewell, Actor: Old

Ben brings together practical and technical experience, which allows him to provide company directors with effective assistance when crafting restructuring plans. Ben has represented clients in matters relating to personal bankruptcy, winding up applications, voidable transaction disputes and director’s duty claims.

Sophia Rutman ’24 discovered an affordable rental house close to campus that frequently accommodated Bowdoin students, so she and three other first-years decided to live there this fall.

Early Life and Education

Sewell has published various works, from biographies of Marcus Garvey and high school teaching experiences in Hackney to his experiences as a social commentary columnist for The Voice newspaper and talk show host on Choice FM.

He grew up in a family who shared a passion for nature. Often in his free time he’d spend his free time tracking catsbirds and other species with binoculars – his grandfather Jonathan Sewell being the Chief Justice of Lower Canada!

McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario awarded him with his bachelor of chemistry degree. For twenty-nine years he taught various chemistry-related classes before retiring in June 1998.

Professional Career

He rose to stardom as Lord Melbourne on ITVs Victoria (2016) and as an intriguing Nazi in all four series of Amazons Man in the High Castle; yet his role as Old proved that he could be most captivating of them all.

Sewell joined the police force in 1997 and excelled at her police academy training, graduating as class speaker. From patrol assignments to undercover work and eventually detective sergeant positions.

She hails from American Samoan ancestry and counts former Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu among her sports heroes. Both her brothers play football; Gabriel Sewell currently playing linebacker at University of Nevada who will likely lead his team in tackles this season is among them.

Achievement and Honors

In 1996, she graduated at the top of her class from Nassau County Police Academy and excelled as a patrol officer, investigator and supervisor, leading units in narcotics control, vice control and hostage negotiation as well as being certified with FBI as an FBI Hostage Negotiator.

West London College students Ryan Eady, Benjamin Sewell and Yasser Elarichi brought home gold, silver and bronze medals respectively from Birmingham’s NEC at Inclusive World Skills Live 2019. All three students resided at Southall Community College Campus on the Inclusive Learning Sports Pathway for one to one training of other learners as well as English for Speakers of Other Languages students during preparations for competition day.

Personal Life

Benjamin Sewell of Morehead City is survived by his wife Ellen; sons Jacob Paul and Vivien Evelyn; his sister Brenda Meadows of Fuquay-Varina and nephew John Meadows from Boise Idaho; as well as three grandchildren and several great-grandchildren. Condolences can be sent via Core Sound Decoy Carvers Guild 1574 Harkers Island Road Morehead City or donations made in his memory to Celia Dunlap Smith Center for Nature & Art 2101 Seaboard Ave Morehead City NC 28552. Munden Funeral Home & Crematory is taking charge with visitations times between 6-8 p.m.

Net Worth

He has amassed an estimated net worth of $5 Million through hard work and taking great care in looking after himself.

He is also an excellent father. Together with Ami Komai, they share one daughter. Both enjoy spending quality time with her.

He is an exceptionally gifted actor who has found great success in his career. He has appeared in multiple movies and television shows, as well as singing in several shows for radio. With millions of fans worldwide and much talent under his belt, he serves as an example to young actors everywhere and an inspiration. Working hard has paid off big time; he is well-recognized within the industry.

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