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Ben Shearer

Ben Shearer was both an imaginative artist and avid sports enthusiast, enjoying cheering for his professional teams while listening to jam bands such as Phish and Government Mule.

Shearer’s paintings encapsulate the vastness of Australia’s landscape. His pieces frequently showcase wide open spaces dotted with dusty tracks and abundant with bush.

Early Life and Education

Since 1840, the Shearer family has been widely recognized as champions of Berks county’s best interests. Over that time, their name has come to symbolize energy, enterprise, and public spirit; now their representatives hold high standing among their fellow citizens in various communities where they reside.

Born at Reading in 1837, he spent much of his early life working the farm that he took over from his deceased father after his death. Trained as a carpenter until age thirty-five, then turning his attention towards raising fruits and vegetables at Wyomissing where his patronage has expanded exponentially over time. Now in its third greenhouse and still expanding as new customers come onboard.

Professional Career

He is one of the most enterprising and successful fruit growers and farmers in Berks county. With an elaborate greenhouse with 10,000 feet under glass that he cultivates scientifically, he raises fine flowers such as chrysanthemums and carnations as well as lettuce, radishes, and tomatoes for sale – not forgetting his considerable carpentry expertise acquired early in life.

He and his wife are members of the Reformed church and political Democrats, while they have six children: Daniel resides and conducts business in Reading; William J. farms Alsace township of Berks county; Frank works as a florist in Reading borough; Charles is involved with his father in business activities; while Catherine married William C. Link.

Achievement and Honors

Shearer received numerous honors and awards during his lifetime, such as the Irvin E. Lunger Award, Morrison Medallion and Transylvania Medallion. Additionally, he served on boards for various Central Kentucky charities and businesses.

Shearer joined Christopher Guest and Michael McKean to form Spinal Tap on Saturday Night Live in 1984, performing numerous times throughout that season and hosting Wild Discovery as its host program.

The Shearer Prize in Economics is awarded by vote of the department faculty to a student who demonstrates superior mastery of economic theory. This scholarship was created to honor Warren Wright Shearer ’36 for his service as both economist and teacher at Wabash College; its value can be expressed as cash awards.

Personal Life

As well as his professional practice, Mr. Shearer is well known in Reading as an esteemed citizen. He served as president of the Medical Society of Berks County, delegate to both state and national associations, and published several medical-themed papers that have garnered positive responses.

Christopher Shearer arrived in Reading around 1800 and worked as a shoemaker until the start of the Revolutionary war, when he joined others from his community to enlist as part of its fight for liberty and take part in both Long Island’s battle and retreat to New Jersey before his service expired.

Shearer family has long been recognized for their dedication and support of Berks County. They deserve our highest regard; Shearer stands as an unwavering beacon of principle who holds to his highest ideals; truly an example to emulate and something Berks county should be proud to call their own.

Net Worth

Harry Shearer is an actor, writer, musician, radio host, voice artist, director, author and net worth estimator estimated at around $85 Million. His wealth was amassed through contributing to successful shows like Saturday Night Live and The Simpsons which helped build it further.

He made headlines during the 1998 FIFA World Cup by scoring multiple goals for Argentina. Following that tournament he was recruited by legendary club “Newcastle United”.

Shearer owns multiple properties in California and England. Instead of spending his hard-earned money on luxurious cars, he prefers using vehicles as means of transportation instead. A fan of the sea, he particularly enjoys vacationing to Fiji for vacation. Travel is something he is deeply passionate about – having visited numerous countries!

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