Benjamin Shook

Benjamin Shook – A Lawyer For Design-Defect Cases

Benjamin is dedicated to representing automotive and medical device manufacturers in design-defect cases, successfully representing them both during trials as well as appealing them successfully before both federal courts and North Carolina Court of Appeals.

Charlton Heston famously used the words, “Judah! Judah!” from Ben-Hur to refer to Judah Ben-Ari. But who was behind these iconic lines in real life?

Early Life and Education

Benjamin represented all that Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime despised: as an outspoken “conscious Jew” and committed Marxist, he represented everything they loathed about European Jews as well as their culture from history.

Benjamin chose not to succumb to despair during his two months at Vernuche and worked alongside fellow inmates to plan the publication of a journal detailing camp life. Additionally, he secured payments from Georges Bataille and Roger Caillois as payment for studying camp art and writings from fellow detainees.

Even with his poverty-stricken exile life, Benjamin found refuge within an intellectual circle that supported and encouraged him. Max Horkheimer of New York’s Marxist Institute for Social Research sent Benjamin money and publishing opportunities, while Gretel Karplus helped financially.

Professional Career

Ben serves his clients well by guiding them through the legal process and crafting effective and efficient strategies tailored specifically for their business needs and objectives.

Dr. De La Mar has successfully represented automobile and medical device manufacturers in design-defect cases, including complex multidistrict litigation. He has led trial teams, cross-examined witnesses, and argued appeals before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.

As an avid golfer and traveler, he enjoys both golfing and travelling during his free time. Additionally, he volunteers his services with Bigs and Littles NYC helping disadvantaged children. Additionally, he holds securities registrations including Series 7 as well as being certified a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER(tm). In his professional capacity he earned this prestigious designation through rigorous exam and experience requirements and holds membership at Lehigh University’s Wall Street Council – in addition to being a Certified Public Accountant!

Personal Life

Back in 2016, he told Kerrang! that every time Lima challenged them he came close to giving up, but ultimately kept coming back because it was “just too much fun”. So they kept playing each week.

Ben began learning guitar at 13 and is self-taught. Early influences included Steve Vai and Carlos Santana whose solos added spice to Ben’s solo performances.

He met Talisa Soto during an audition for Taylor Hackford’s Blood In Blood Out and has subsequently played Paco, a warlord from Manhattan’s Lower East Side on Ava Duvernay’s new TV show DMZ as well as being involved with Make It Right charity organization and being kind has helped him through some difficult periods in his life.

Net Worth

Ben invests time upfront to gain a thorough understanding of each client’s individual needs, goals and aspirations. He takes into account their income/lifestyle requirements, risk tolerance levels and time horizons in creating a comprehensive financial picture.

Ben has amassed an estimated net worth of $30 Million due to his career, family life and relationships. Additionally, he’s a talented musician with several albums under his belt (such as a collaboration with Pavement), estimated to earn approximately $1.8M annually from musical activities according to aidWiki revenue estimates; though this estimate may differ significantly from reality! Additionally he can often be found sharing updates about both his professional and personal life via social media such as Facebook or Instagram with followers.

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