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Lafe Best Arrested on Charges of Conspiracy to Sexually Abuse a Child

Warning: This story contains graphic material. Sheriff’s detectives in Ormond Beach have arrested an Ormond Beach resident after discovering disturbing text messages sent between two individuals.

Lafe Best, 37, has been charged with planning to drug and sexually molest a three-year-old girl living with her mother at Worster’s apartment in December. Soon thereafter, the girl reported being touched by Worster. Immediately afterwards, Worster denied any connection between Worster’s actions and Worster touching her; shortly thereafter however, Worster told his mother about what had occurred with his daughter.

Early Life and Education

Sheriff’s detectives in Ormond Beach, Florida arrested Lafe Best, 37, after horrific text messages were discovered on his phone. This case against Worster stems from his January arrest for lewd or lascivious molestation, lewd or lascivious conduct, and 21 counts of possession of child pornography.

Authorities believe a three-year-old girl and her mother moved into Worster’s apartment in December and soon thereafter she told her mother about him touching her. Following Worster’s hospitalization for an apparent overdose on December 17th, his victim’s mother found his phone lying next to his bed with text message threads from someone named “Lafe”, detailing plans to drug and sexually abuse the child whether conscious or unconscious.

Professional Career

Ben Worster earned several professional victories during his professional career, such as winning the 1976 Irish Open. Furthermore, he finished second place to Jack Nicklaus at the 1978 Australian Open tournament.

Early this year, Worster was arrested after he and his sexual partner plotted to rape a 3-year-old girl at Worster’s apartment in Ormond Beach. Worster’s phone contained several texts from this plan that detailed drugging the toddler, exposing her to sexual content, and then raping her unconscious while she remained unconscious. Her mother discovered these text messages that provided insight into this horrifying plan for Worster and his partner to sexually abuse an unconscious toddler while she remained unconscious.

Detectives searched Best’s home and allegedly discovered what appears to be child pornography, prompting additional charges against him in this matter. At his arraignment at Volusia County Courthouse he pled not guilty and could not recall who his lawyer was.

Achievement and Honors

Worster has contributed his writing skills to various publications, such as The New York Times and Washington Post, while also contributing several books.

Worster has also earned recognition in academia as an instructor, teaching at colleges and universities across the U.S.

His career has seen many accolades and honors, such as a nomination for a National Book Award nomination. Furthermore, he has contributed articles for publication such as The New Yorker.

The Worster family has generously contributed a fellowship to the Physics Department. This fellowship pairs undergraduate students with graduate student mentors to conduct research during summer research projects. Recipients must dedicate 10 weeks towards each project, give presentations at an end-of-summer symposium and submit written summaries of their efforts directly to them (Worster family).

Personal Life

Lafe Best, 37, from Holly Hill was arrested and charged with one count of conspiracy to commit sexual battery on someone younger than 12 years of age and possessing child pornography. Police claim they found text messages between Best and Worster that detailed their plan to seduce and then rape a 3-year-old girl.

Volusia County Sheriff’s Office shared disturbing messages on Facebook. The sheriff’s office warns that viewing all the messages could be upsetting and asks anyone reading them to consider whether viewing further. According to them, these text messages show how predators target children for abuse.

Net Worth

After leaving his band career behind him, Rollie decided to focus his education and began studying well-being and kinesiology at Utah college. From humble beginnings, this young player has managed to build himself an esteemed reputation in basketball circles.

Worster then founded Serenity, a luxury vacation rental management company. While Serenity has achieved great success since then, it was not without its share of challenges such as keeping properties on the market and meeting clients’ eccentric requests proving difficult at times.

Worster had moved into Ormond Beach with his girlfriend and daughter shortly before Christmas and shortly afterward the girl told her mother about being inappropriately touched by him. Police later discovered several graphic text messages between Worster and his roommate which proved the allegations.

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