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Benoftheweek is an esteemed social media influencer known for his outstanding TikTok videos that went viral. Based in Canada and boasting an enormous fan base online.

His unique style seeks to inspire positive change in his audience. His social media following boasts over one million TikTok followers and also has an expansive YouTube following.

Early Life and Education

Ben of the Week was born in Edmonton, Alberta on 8 September 1999 and now boasts over 100,000 followers on TikTok and YouTube where he makes significant income through advertisement revenue.

He completed his early education at a nearby high school before enrolling at a private university nearby. A Christian who practices healthy living, he lives an active and Christian lifestyle.

Ben of the Week remains elusive on many details of his personal life, opting to remain hidden and secretive about it all. As far as is known, he remains single without any known lovers and has kept mum about any details regarding his parents or siblings; preferring instead to remain private from media scrutiny and avoid publicity altogether. His father works in business while his mother serves as housewife by profession.

Professional Career

Benoftheweek is an accomplished social media influencer known for posting comedic videos to TikTok and YouTube channels. Born September 8, 1999 in Edmonton, Alberta and later moving with his family to Tewksbury when he was two, he started posting videos in early 2018.

TikTok was his initial platform, where he created his initial channel in 2010 before later disabling it. However, in April 2013 he established another account offering humorous content across a variety of subjects and this is where his success lie.

Benoftheweek has amassed millions of subscribers to his YouTube account through his prank videos, most notably for changing the Hollywood sign to read “Hollyboob.” Benoftheweek also enjoys an immense following on Instagram where he posts various lip-syncing and choreography videos.

Achievement and Honors

Benoftheweek has shown an admirable dedication to giving back. He regularly shares his knowledge and expertise with young social media influencers aspiring to enter social media, acting as an inspiration to many young people.

Benoftheweek has become an online phenomenon thanks to his engaging and humorous content on TikTok and YouTube, amassing an impressive following and posting entertaining videos that keep them engrossed.

Benoftheweek has become an inspiration to young people across the world due to his widespread fame and success. He has achieved many accomplishments during his lifetime and continues to work hard at meeting his goals; thus demonstrating the positive example he sets of how hard work and persistence can lead to great things in life.

Personal Life

Benoftheweek is an attractive and engaging young man known for creating engaging content on popular social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube.

He has earned millions of fans who lavish him with affection. He has expanded his social media presence onto other platforms such as Tiktok, where his surreal content has earned him massive adoration from followers.

His personal affairs remain private. However, he is an active philanthropist involved in multiple charitable initiatives to support education and environmental conservation.

He is an extremely creative individual who is driven to share his works with the world. A great team player and inspiring leader with an optimistic view on life.

Net Worth

Benoftheweek is a globally popular TikTok star and YouTuber who has captured millions of people’s attention around the world. He has released plenty of captivating content to his official account and garnered many followers, both through TikTok and YouTube. His real name is Ben De Almeida with an equally charming persona.

Benooftheweek lives in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. His body is immaculate and he’s an avid fitness enthusiast; frequenting gym visits is part of his daily regimen to stay in good shape and ensure optimal health.

TikTok star who became widely popular after one of his videos went viral online. Known for his surrealism videos and their similarity to Noah Centineo. Has an enormous network of allies who shower him with unconditional support.

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