Best Challenger 1 Deck

Best Challenger 1 Deck

When it comes to choosing the best Challenger 1 deck, there are many things to consider. For example, you should avoid using the Faceless Haven, which is banned in Standard. Another thing to consider is budget. If you’re on a tight budget, consider playing a deck that features only cards that can be changed in the sideboard. A few creatures can also be part of a great challenger deck that can help you win a round.

The Golem is the main tank of this deck, as he has the most health. This card can take down the Tower on his own or with support from a teammate. It is best to use it in double elixir, but it can also be used to take down towers earlier in single elixir.

Another popular choice is the Mighty Miner deck, which requires a King Level of at least 14. Mighty Miner is a great core card, and the recent April balance changes have given it a buff. It offers strong defense and opportunities to push. This deck is popular on YouTube. This deck can also be used against other challenger 1 decks.

This deck has great defense, in addition to the Minions. It can be played in a pseudo-bait or deep defense style and is very easy to obtain. The Fireball deck is another option, which places the Collector in front the King Tower. This deck is very versatile, and it can consistently push 100 in the daily match.

The last deck is the Pekka deck. This deck is a powerful control pressure deck that can punish your opponent if they invest in the back or have defending units left over. When choosing a Pekka deck, you should not commit to too much offense. Instead, play defensive until you have an opportunity to push. You could replace the Ram rider by a Battle Ram or the Electro Wizard by a Musketeer if you want to be more aggressive.

In addition to being a strong defensive deck, the Bandit and Battle Ram decks are excellent offensive options. They can put a lot of pressure on your opponent and take out towers. Both have high DPS. If you are looking for the best Challenger 1 decks, don’t hesitate check out the Clash Royale guides.

Mega Knight decks are also strong. The Graveyard/Knight combo works well, and the Knight is a formidable solo threat. However, the Mortar and Skeleton Dragons are tough to deal with, and Mega Knight decks rely heavily on the mortar. If your opponent overcommits, you can punish them with a fireball, log, or skeleton barrel.

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