Best Clawbringer Build

The Best Clawbringer Build

Clawbringer builds are a diverse class that allow the player to combine multiple elemental damage types into one. While some builds may focus on melee damage while others focus on surviving and drawing attention, the best clawbringer builds are those that combine a wide variety of skills. The Hammerzerker build is one example of a high-damage Clawbringer build. This build heavily uses the Brr-Zerker skill trees to increase melee damage and defensive strength. To reduce damage, it also makes use The Old Ways. While the damage reduction isn’t huge, it does reduce the amount of damage you do by 30%.

When constructing a Clawbringer build, make sure to prioritize weapons that increase melee attack speed and survivability. Clawbringer builds should prioritize armor that can be used from afar. You can also prioritize a secondary class like the Spore Warden, which provides good utility and sustain.

Clawbringer builds should also be focused on lightning and melee damage. Oath of Fire increases the Clawbringer’s damage by 20% and fire damage by 20% respectively. To maximize the benefits of the former, you should max it out. Radiance is another skill you should max out. It boosts your Maximum Ward Capacity, which is the number of shields that will increase defense.

A Clawbringer skill tree will also feature great options for dealing with enemies. The Storm Dragon’s Judgement action skill allows the Clawbringer to summon a hammer to deal lightning damage. You can strengthen this skill with Oath of Thunder to make it even more devastating. This ability is reminiscent of the legendary Thor from Marvel.

Another great option is Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Clawbringer Builder. This build will decrease the cooldown of Action Skill, increase the amount of damage done by spells, and increase damage dealt by 50%. It also adds to the Mood Ring’s impact by 100%.

When it comes to spells, choose those that offer high critical hit and damage. Natural spell damage multipliers and lower spell cooling downs will be available to spells that have high spell recognition. As for gear, use high spell damage gear. You should try several spells while you are using high-damage gear.

The weapon options available to a Clawbringer are many. A Stabbomancer’s build can be a good example of a combination between two classes. However, a Spore Warden build can also be a good choice. They share many attributes and special synergy. They share many common traits, such as having companions who deal fire and poison and spells that deal lightning or melee damage.

While this build focuses on melee damage, it is also a good choice for those who have a Wyvern companion. This skill will make your character more survivable and help you deal more damage. This build makes use Of Instinct, which increases weapon swap speed and reload speed.

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